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    Hercules 3D (Dwayne Johnson/ The Rock) is out in the cinemas, has anyone seen it already?

    • Its going to be boring! Dwayne doesn’t really fit the role though to me. Would have prefered someone else sha… I love the animated version though. still the best!

    • I’ve been disappointed by epic films in the past (Pompeii, Immortals), so I guess I should stay away from this. But the critics seem to feel that it’s not too bad…

      • Its not great. Better than pompeii of course, but nowhere in the class of say, “Troy” or the original “300”.

      • Tola I’m glad I never made it to the cinema to see pompeii because I couldn’t watch more than the first 20 minutes if that. The selling point on the trailer had been Kit Harrington’s very sculpted 6 pack tho

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