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  • Hello everyone, thank you for all your beautiful comments and observations. About the baby’s movement; According to, babies start moving from 7 – 8 weeks into the pregnancy, although most women don’t feel the kicks until 16 weeks or thereabout. On a personal note, I had a cousin who didn’t look a size bigger […]

  • I am pregnant. For a married man. There, I’ve said it, out loud for all to hear. For every individual I have ever met to have their fill; raining curses and abuses on me. For my mother to weep and ask “Why Temitope? Why?” Like I can answer that question! For my father to shake […]

  • DoreenMaria wrote a new post, Prologue 10 years ago

    “Target moving west along Marina on foot, heading towards UBA House” “Roger that. Perterside, approach Broad Street from Tinubu, see if you can cut her off “ “Yes sir” Criminal Investigative Detective Obi wiped the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief that did little to dry the moisture on his face, seeing as it was already soaked. […]

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