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  • Hello everyone, thank you for all your beautiful comments and observations. About the baby’s movement; According to, babies start moving from 7 – 8 weeks into the pregnancy, although most women don’t feel the kicks until 16 weeks or thereabout. On a personal note, I had a cousin who didn’t look a size bigger […]

  • I am pregnant. For a married man. There, I’ve said it, out loud for all to hear. For every individual I have ever met to have their fill; raining curses and abuses on me. For my mother to weep and ask “Why Temitope? Why?” Like I can answer that question! For my father to shake […]

  • “Target moving west along Marina on foot, heading towards UBA House” “Roger that. Perterside, approach Broad Street from Tinubu, see if you can cut her off “ “Yes sir” Criminal Investigative Detective Obi wiped the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief that did little to dry the moisture on his face, seeing as it was already soaked. […]

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