• The night dreads  quiet.
    While everything else sleeps
    The little lit worms make colours and whispers
    that thrills the spoilt night.

    The night fears sleep
    In its near slumber everything else awakes,
    Still […]

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     Desperate for answers I pushed her head up to look at me but she wouldn’t . She hung her head low like someone who had something to hide, something she was ashamed of and getting […]

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  • I wasn’t born with much not to think about
    My hands have never known any better way to be free
    Plagued consistently by the needs and cares of others
    for my success…

    Am I a victim of uncertainty?
    A drunk […]


    Gbom! Gbom! (hard and loud banging on the door)

    The sound of very loud and annoying bangs on my door by few minutes past 12 midnight was more than enough to cut the seams of my nightly romantic dreams […]

  • HeartBoxing….

    They say Love is the best thing that ever happens to anyone, the feeling of mutuality without equals or reprimand, the simple yet tenacious feel that comes from being with that better half…

    The […]

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