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  • @tolao, I care less about competitive writing to be honest and the major reason I came here is to improve my writing. You are certainly helping with that. Though not an excuse, this is my first attempt at […]

  • This is the story of a john who erroneously thinks over-the-shelf antibiotics can remedy sexually-transmitted infections or prevent it. As strange as it sounds, this belief is widely-held by a lot of people who […]

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  • First things first. I don’t care much about what got St. Valentine killed, I also believe that February 14 makes no difference in any relationship whatsoever. So as not to sound entirely cynical, it’s a reminder. […]

  • Maybe I read a different piece but I enjoyed it. I will personally welcome some dramatic twist, maybe even developed into mini stories. Horsey and Doggy getting home to see Bitchy breastfeeding the OlaPuppies. Horsey staring heavily and Doggy interrupting: “Whoa whoa whoa horsey, those are my wife’s titties you’re staring at”, “Easy man, just […]

  • Just like most people, I recently discussed this with a group of friends. It is killing grammar and doing so fast as well. I have friends who have forgotten “ok” is “okay”. Something funny is now “lol”, when people write “lol”, are they actually laughing out loud? It remains cool until the thing begins to […]

  • Thank you all for your inputs especially the ones pointing out errors. Xikay, this is exactly the kind of help I need, actual corrections when you can. I really appreciate the above post.

    I must admit, I do find it hard with punctuations most times but it’s a learning process.
    Thanks again.

  • What is Nigeria’s problem? That’s the million-kobo question. Of all sweet answers people provide, my favorite is the classic : WE HAVE BAD LEADERS! How convenient. Do you see the Pope one day ruling Saudi Arabia or envisage Ahmadinejad ruling England? My point is, we don’t import leaders; they come from everyday people like us. […]

  • I have to ask. Was jesus’ death necessary for salvation. I mean, what was God trying to prove? And to who? He can just save mankind with a snap of the fingers, cant he?

    Then again, if jesus died through another means say malaria, would that undermine the salvation process?

  • Nice piece sambright. Something tells me you are dancing on a thin line between belief and disbelief, though I may be profoundly wrong but fear of hell etc could be the only reason you’re still a christian. I am in support of King Koboko above about asking why stop asking the questions? Are you satisfied […]

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