• i think this could stand to be a bit deeper. rather than telling us in a poem what you think music is to everybody why not dig deeper and share what it is to you.

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    yea i wouldnt say Nigerian child either (maybe Somalian child … just kidding) . this is poster boy of suffering all over the world. a reminder that no child should be like this. nice job.

    @kaycee .. these are his words. i believe there is room for art any and everywhere.

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    poems come in different forms. some rhyme, some don’t, some are long, some are short and some are some where way in between. i think this is poem and a good one at that.

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    As Sarah gathered herself out of bed, Mike turned around to find a dark figure standing in the threshold of his room. Even in the darkness of the hallway, he knew it was

  • wow. this was a really well told story. i liked how turned things around at the end and made her a messiah. for me the beginning section was the most engaging. i liked the transitions you employed and the way you let the story unravel without being too melodramatic about the deaths of her parents. a […]

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    “You know what?” he said as he put on his pants, “I think its time she finally met you.”

  • crestor posted on the forum topic Lets write a story in the group Group logo of Never Ending StoriesNever Ending Stories: 8 years, 6 months ago

    Trying not to panic, he tapped Sarah, who was still sleeping, on shoulder saying “that could be my

  • Beloved by Toni Morrison & The complete collection of Maya Angelou’s poetry.

  • elly i think you should have put spoiler alert in the beginning of your review. this was a very good summary of the book I just wish you had not given so much of the story away. i was always discouraged from reading this particular book because i felt it just had too many things going […]

  • i idea of the poem is great. i think you need to polish up the rhythm a bit. it doesnt seem completely free verse but as I read along the rhythm I form gets thrown off by one word or two. a few corrections (i think) “Oh please! All I need is a Lamborghini as prove […]

  • the sci-fi no sci-fi issue aside. you still have not addressed the core of my concern with has to do with this character and his motivation. i guess you dont have to sha but I just get this feeling that the sci-fi misstatement preamble was a distraction

  • sorry i just realized this was filed under memoirs. in that context it is very appropriately styled. i still think some character development would have been nice sha. all other comments stand.

  • oh i got sci fi from the comment between u and alex. like i said, i’m not very into this genre of literature. sci-fi, horror, what have you. you are right he didn’t see them but it appears he is responsible for their death somehow and his ability to do so is what I am […]

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    i think you need to craft this a little more. you appreciate a poem more when you see in it more than just the words that make it up. in the beginning a got a little of that but later it just became very much like what someone would say to me on the bus. […]

  • i liked this story. not usually a fan of the writing style where the writer talks to the reader but you made it work. i guess because it was consistent. when a story is good i tend to miss the typos but if there are any you should definitely fix it. i found the story […]

  • so i’m not a stephen king fan (never read a page of his work) but the narrative style is definitely interesting. present tense is always tricky but you pulled it off very skillfully. your description artfully set the scene for the story and kept the pace very well. very good stuff. i guess since it […]

  • nice poem. it reads really smoothly like a limerick or something cute like that. xikay’s interpretation seems agreeable but I like how you didn’t shove the deeper meaning into our faces, allowing the reader instead to take what he wants from the poem. nice one!

  • i cant really put a handle on what this is supposed to be. your use of descriptive language is good and your affection for the market really comes through strongly but I wanted a little more. a plot, character development, revelation, something. this felt like one side of a conversation between two people who grew […]

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