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  • good and involving

  • The last he knew her.

    They did talk shyishly little.

    Though they had much ever.

    But a naked silence governed.

    By night,the spirits dreamed dreams.

    Of things resting in the clouds.

    Petite à petite […]

  • You were just there grinning,lying idly on a cozy bed. caressing the toyish pillow as if you were a kid.snuggling yourself in a comfy posture that the ceiling fan engulfed u wholly.blowing away that curly hair.were you unaware when a shrill tapping sounds echoed from the mirrored door of your room?and it swung someone peeped through like a groping burglar,the eyes glaring.even that strong heart lurching rhythmically as if something was wrong. you too were winy bit scared yet you widened in knew it was a friend.yes your mind told you .a male friend and you positioned him on the daybed.did you abandon any second scurrying away to the kitchen.?,rustled up some luscious,yummy dishes,infact your bests and you heaved a great sigh as if it was a burden welcoming someone.weren’t you stupefied when he refused your bests?.saying he was tanked up yet his glaring eyes were hushed up.kept that word.obeyed all etiquettes at far?how your lonely nights?were his words amidst the soporific effects of the afternoon sun.these perplexed you but you didn’t break that naked and hackneyed just nodded cynically accepting all.when he spranged up to were bit relieved.picturing him away but he moved sluggishly as if something held wondered this.but he was staring at you still.those pale eyes were piercing,tearing and could strip one off.he offered for a hug as a late-bye and you considered that normal when it longened to ten minutes?yes he was stubborn in too were.pretty soon,that twinsized bed was dangling if not drooping.hands rummaging through.over those hairs,jutting beards.the little sounds only governed the time.trickles of sweats ran through you and you feared you weren’t you any longer or that you have been properly ransacked.there was no mercy nor plea for that?then you knew you were alone and that a ghost have trotted felt that tautness in your being .you didn’t stay to mull over.and mama had returned.later, you tantalized yourself at a corner saying.’it is more entrance’ Is that the end?your smiles are left in the stop watch.

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    Concise and thumb is up.

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    i knew he thumb is elevated.

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  • ya.death is an just insatiable burglar.good

  • good and moreish

  • mh.nice and involving.

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    Good gleam.bad brighten.when we wholly worsen woe.still,stillness swallow if savoury.were we like lord,in your decry depravities deeply.yet your mercy spatters.

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