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Bright Benson

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  • I can feel you scream yet you’re silent
    Your curse, your hate, your love is zero percent
    You carry a burden, so heavy laden
    Your sword’s in my heart, be happy I’m fading

    Fading away from your mind, body and […]

  • The sounds of the arguments ascending
    Hearts racing, the inevitable pending
    This is his last chance to set things right
    If it only didn’t turn to a fight

    She had stopped seeing him before now
    She got bored, […]

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  • A jingle and she smiles with a prayer
    Singing a song, clapping tirelessly each passing hour
    There with her son, hungry and poor
    Calling out to passersby, “one coin or more”

    One coin or more; the next meal […]

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  • …….

    This is what he did himself; accept his fate
    Threw in the towel, concluded it was late
    An unknown journey, he now must take
    A life that isn’t his, the pain is real, the joy fake

    This is what he […]

  • Have you seen his childhood, dreamt his dream
    The hustle, his smile ain’t what it seem
    Not today, a battle from way back when
    He let himself into a Lion’s den

    His Mothers’ joy, his fathers’ pride
    Handsome; […]

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    Well, the words in ” ” are his, so its more like he telling me stuffs. Obviously he doesn’t like the marriage anymore but he doesn’t want her to go. Selfish ai? I closed it myself in African fashion. Who am I to […]

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    Thanks y’all, sure I do believe there is a God. There are just many versions about him from priests, pastors,……men who claim to know him, and using the so-called […]

  • He didn’t see this coming, at least not this time
    His sadness was clear, all his pride sublime
    He is my father, much to my dismay
    He looked at me and had this to say

    “I can’t look her in the eye
    Ashamed all I did made her cry
    If I must beg, I’ll implore her today
    Not to leave; I have to beg her to stay”

    “Times changed, I can’t help but wonder
    How I got bored, still find myself not needing her
    Love is blind, now I see clearly
    But If she leave, I’ll miss her dearly”

    “These things I love, that look in her eyes
    Her innocence, her girlish surprise
    The assurance in her warm embrace
    The scent of her skin when I kiss her face”

    “Her frame as she fits in these arms of mine
    Her rich dark hair against my face so fine
    Tender kisses when she makes love to me
    She completes me, it’s still clear to see”

    “How did it all go wrong, will I ever know?
    Her essence turned sour, her skin lost its glow
    Always a relief when she walks out the door
    The fights ever so near, nothing’s like before”

    “How I cheated on her behind her back
    I sold her out, left our love in the dark
    Cursed the day, cursed the nights we share
    I drained myself of her, with nothing to spare”

    “If foundations made of stone can turn to dust
    Then my heart of steel can turn to rust
    I’d bring back those moments, those joyful feeling
    If She forgives me, open her heart and let me in”

    “I can’t find the strength to tell her this
    I just can’t, I can’t bear to miss
    Her devotion, her patience, and a love I can’t repay
    My arms are wide open, please help me beg her to stay”

    She is my mum, gentle but bruised
    The object of his hate and constantly abused
    She’ll stay if you’re all she is living for
    ‘Cos loving a woman right takes a lifetime or she’s out the door.

  • Your silence is deafening
    Your existence is in question, your myth weakening
    Are you the God the world believes in or doubt?
    Will you just sit and watch us burn out?

    Ghosts from the underworld breathe forth […]

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    Thanks y’all.

    Inspired by a broken heart, just added more to the story.

  • She awoke to the sound of her phone
    The wait was long, strangest she’s ever known
    It was his reply, she could clearly tell
    He titled it “Poster Girl”

    He wrote “yours words can’t turn out the sun
    Don’t think […]

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