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  • ”What did you say your name is again?” I asked, trying to steady my footing. The innocence and beauty of the girl standing before me is underscribable and I will not even attempt to.
    “Hauwa sir” she replied. […]

  • I do not aim to write a poem or an article write in any sort of order. My aim is to pour out my heart just so maybe I will get an answer or just maybe Nigerians will arise from our slumber.

    I walk on the […]

  • @Lade…totally concur with you. If the preacher had not fallen, Ild have been disappointed. It would have made the story predictable. It seems to me he actually travelled all the way so he could ‘fall’ again :D Good story. I read the second part before the first one so I kinda know how it ends […]

  • Good story and well told. I like the way you ‘skipped’ two years at the end. I do feel the dialogue was a bit long though but I guess it was necessary to have a background of Gloria’s past…overall, well done

  • Great speech by Sanusi. Thanks Yejide for posting. I have always said that only mentally lazy or greedy Nigerians will keep asking that we be divided into units without addressing the basic issues – food, shelter, clothing and if I may add, proper education. Sanusi forgot to include that a few years ago, the Modakekes […]

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    Guy!! Sequel pls!!!

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    Thanks empress sewande….We just need to keep hope alive

  • Not sure I get the end part well but well written story overall. Some spelling errors here and there – nothing proper re-reading won’t solve

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    All the false alarms no go allow person know the true one when the email arrives…lol

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    Straight to the point message

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    How can anyone write this good???? And the ending’s the best I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t even suggest a way to make it better!!

  • Truth be told and without any apologies, WE africans are mentally lazy. I am not oblivious of the fact that a few actually think out of the box and do great things but generally, our culture and traditions are programmed to make us mentally lazy. How else would you explain killling of twins in the […]

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    nice work..no need for the ‘subtitles’..no be TV we dey watch. The obsene words could also have been better put…e.g. f**k rather than totally spelt out.

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    I don’t know if it was intentional but the end seemed somehow…nice story all the same

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    Nice one…..more! more!

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    Nice story and well told. To add to the ‘gay’ controversy, though I am no doc but from my small biology, I know that both males and females are born with hormones of the opposite gender so males have little amount of the female hormones and vice versa. However, some individuals have what they call […]

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    It was the late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya who once gave a scenario when some boys said they couldn’t control themselves whenever a girl gets naked in front of them. She asked what would the guys do if a girl gets stark naked, ready for the thing and the guy too ready and all and then […]

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