Edward Benedict A

Edward Benedict A

  • Flapping it’s wings, it flew like a Benz chasing an airplane on the runway.
    with the voice of sweet savour, it maintained it’s rythm in the shadows of the deaf ears.
    Like the power wheels, it turned to view the […]

  • Love is faith unseen felt in the hearts of humanity. At the tone of life we strain our minds to feel the activities of the immortals, yet we blur our minds on the activities of the mortals which is our backward […]

  • As the car wheels rotates, so does life rotates with mistries untold for the blind in heart to cortail.
    As the horns of the car pave way, so does life carries the message of the world beyond in it’s passing […]

  • Niger area, an area occupied by revenue indebted culture without the activeness of equity in play. An area translated with the anxiety of greed in the veins of our leaders, yet nation envy your greateness. An area […]

  • I was asked what is the greatest organ of the body, and i said “The Eyes”. They said the eyes are not the greatest organ, and i said..

    If i could see beyond, my imaginations shall be my past, transforming me to […]

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