Edward Benedict A

Edward Benedict A

  • Time and Tide moves faster than season, as memories frails me twice in a second knowing how far we are apart in a small world with a large map.
    We left without a goodbye, because we believe we’ll see again […]

  • Beautiful sunrise in the eyes of a lover like a good deal in the eyes of the merchandise.
    Looking at you all day portrays the effect of honey in the mouth of the bear in excitement.
    Halloween never wins when […]

  • Love at first sight kept me awake all night longing to see u at all times.
    My knees are wounded as I pray each day without a reward to my faith at my closet.
    The beauty of the sun radiates at your face glowing […]

  • Pictures are features of the heart in memory of the aging soul.
    Always wondering how u felt while I was in my one bedroom flat with my legs and arms folded as I wait comfortably for the fallopian tube to deliver […]

  • At the dawn of the new moon, the loud whisper rings it’s endless bells in my imaginations, whilst calmly I lay me down on a ship wreck behind the walls of my thoughts.
    With my teeth at war with each other, loudly […]

  • Night and day walk like the waves as life runs endlessly in the pity of the Godhead.
    Like the scales we are joined to protect our culture, yet our strength is weakened by our love for Mammon.
    How then shall we […]

  • When the moon is lucent up in the sky, I yen for a long lasting talk which I could not behold your lips flapping endlessly at my presence.
    I cuddle the air in your absence as I walk strangely at the dawn of the […]

  • I don’t write love poems, but I can make the love a poem just to see your glittering dazzling eyes changing lanes like the car on the highway.
    Swimming the oceans, I crossed the waves just to notice you at the […]

  • Time flies, moments swindles our Intellect to bring the best out of us. we ponder and we yield to it without grief, but with determination and courage to tear the pages and set a record of new history.
    With a […]

  • Am like a Weaverbird roaming the isle at a mile to fight with the eyes connecting the mind.
    The trees are greenly colorful, and like the yellow grasses in a summer, the breeze walking in the atmosphere like a […]

  • Like the water droplets running endlessly from it’s half source, so does the tasteful liquid runs down her cheeks, for pains and agony has engolf her heart for the fear of the mammals without conscience.
    With no […]

  • Just like the strings, life vibrates in a fret of situations at hand, yet it produces a melodious sound wen stretched.
    listen, says the heart, as it radiates the warmth of good tidings to the soul in silence!
    we […]

  • Flapping it’s wings, it flew like a Benz chasing an airplane on the runway.
    with the voice of sweet savour, it maintained it’s rythm in the shadows of the deaf ears.
    Like the power wheels, it turned to view the […]

  • Love is faith unseen felt in the hearts of humanity. At the tone of life we strain our minds to feel the activities of the immortals, yet we blur our minds on the activities of the mortals which is our backward […]

  • As the car wheels rotates, so does life rotates with mistries untold for the blind in heart to cortail.
    As the horns of the car pave way, so does life carries the message of the world beyond in it’s passing […]

  • Niger area, an area occupied by revenue indebted culture without the activeness of equity in play. An area translated with the anxiety of greed in the veins of our leaders, yet nation envy your greateness. An area […]

  • I was asked what is the greatest organ of the body, and i said “The Eyes”. They said the eyes are not the greatest organ, and i said..

    If i could see beyond, my imaginations shall be my past, transforming me to […]

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