• AnnaBella posted an update 9 years, 6 months ago

    Need your help guys. Turns out my niece wants to write too and she has published poetry! But she’s 13 so I can’t allow her come on this site… Any suggestions people, it will be greatly appreciated! @uche @tolaO @abby @remiroy @jaywriter @treasured1 (Thanks @scopeman, will think about it.)

    • I guess you’ve got a lot to do for her right now…at least she has started something…just get a blog, fix her a twitter, promote her, teach her more on it, connect her to writing competitions online/offline, be her manager to churches and organizations who needs her renditions, connect her to other poets of her age online/offline….anything else….I never had that when i was a kid though started then….All the best!

      • Yeah, i know, the lucky tykes! Anyway, good suggestions. But i was thinking more of a site like this, thats more age appropriate. And she isnt schooling in the country anymore so i really want her to interact with other nigerian writers/poets. Then maybe in 5 years I’ll bring her here… :-D Or maybe i should talk Myne into starting a teen-NS… :-D

        • I guess it will be good to talk myne into it as my webpage that would have work for it is still on the way…But all in all, there are many other sites online that she can be in until when she can try this place…I’ll see how I can get some of the sites for you as i was there in time past…(also offers a free webpage where she can have her poems pasted on her own and invite friends to it in time)…All the best in all!

    • Why don’t you post what she has under your name, and pass back to her whatever feedback she gets?

      Alternatively, PM specific people asking for reviews (but don’t include me o – me and poetry don’t really get along :) )

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