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    Barely 2 years ago. I remember I stood on a ludricrous thought, puerile as they were then, that no lady was beautiful and good enough to completely saturate my heart. My desires and tastes were so great. What did my little mind knew then of the way things are ought to be done. My childishness should be queried for that. As we all know, oneday, those ridiculous thought of yours will wave off . One’s eyes will open to see the outer world and laugh at the silly boy you used to be, then. I agree those conviction were procreated out of ignorances.

    It all happened one day. As I took a cab from the front of my resisdence to the First Bank Plc, off Irowoko road, Opopogbooro, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. The state where I was born and bred. Yes! I can remember the day now. In fact my first love made the day a far memorable than I envisaged it earlier. It was on the eight day of the seventh month of the year 2016. Which is on our birthday. Woow!
    Having got to the banking hall, it was rowdy as usual. The bank seem to have thousands of customers that patronize and perform transctions with them on daily basis. I was standing at the desk near the counter with my legs akimbo carefully filling my deposit slip when a pretty lady walked in, her presence drew my attention a lot that seems very irresistable. The aroma of her perfume filled my stomach. I sensed a stir of mixed feelings within me. As she dashed foward to pick a deposit slip and fanatically searched for a pen to fill it. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find one. So, she inched closer to me and asked “Hey gentleman, please can I have your pen” with nice sound of words. she was so lucky that I was already done with the filling and it was ready for submission. Then I gave her, she said “Thank you”. I was dumb this time around that I couldn’t knew what to say at that moment. Though, as a clever man, I used to find my ways of sorting myself out of a complicated situation like that. “Thank you too,” I replied. She was suprised with this reply and smiled displaying a set of white and clean teeth. I was doubting if she knew I was thanking her for the attractive smile of hers. I was like on top the world that she collected my pen. The stir feeling came again. After my transactions with the cashier, I went back to where she was standing to collect my pen and vacate the hall. Surprisingly, I found her doing nothing. I inquired for the reason why she wasn’t submitting her slip again. “The account number I was given wasn’t complete, like two figures were ommitted. So, I have to go back and correct the error. I was waiting you to be done so that I can give you back your pen”. She explained. I was depressed on hearing this. Having gave me the pen back and dropped it into my hip pocket. “Okay, let us go, you have been so kind”. I commended her compliments. As we walked out of the banking hall ,holding my right arm, I felt the warmth of her palm as it stroked gently around my arm. It was like I was in heaven. And the strange stir feelings came again. Now I could move to my next line of action. “My name is Agbaje Ayomide and it’s a pleasure meeting you”. I said. She was very pleased with my introduction. “I’m Ayeni Aanuoluwapo, it’s a pleasure meeting you also”. She said. “Oh, Aanu that’s a nice name you have got”. I said with alacrity. The more we discussed, the more some love feelings for her was created in me, for which it had never created in my life for its early sixteen years and also the more I knew this lady must not slip through my fingers. I must get her contact. I calmed down and assured myself that it is easily less of a challenge, it is what my brain can handle. Having discussed for about 30 minutes. I interupted and subtly asked for her phone number. “For what”, she asked. Hahaha! That was another problem. I cracked my brain for microseconds to get something reasonable to say. At last, I found one. One needs to be clever always, only a dramatic action can save me from this. “just to get in touch with you and perhaps know you more”. I enquired. Saying the only thing I could say out of all the torrent of ideas that flashed through my mind. She dictated it to me without hesistation. While I dialed it just to be cocksure of it. No room for mistakes.
    We became good friends thereafter. And when I felt the time was good and ripe enough to voice out my feelings. I proposed to this pretty damsel in witty and colourful words. But her reply were the words broke my back’s last straw. She only saw me as lovely friend, no romantic attachment, no strings. I was sad and felt sick for weeks. But I tried it again like five other times, but she still insisted on it. But I believe meeting someone like her was a delightful experience that lingers on my memory always. The tale of “How I met my first love” is memoir that has bagged first page of my diary. Now, when I looked at her picture on WhatsApp just of recent vintage. My Aanu is becoming more beautiful as ever…

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