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  • I already commented on this on your blog so what do I say here hmmm?

    Nice behind the scenes….

    lol… I’m too lazy to go back to the blog and cop-paste my comment,

  • For a moment I thought part of the idea for the story. I’m working on had slipped into yours. thank goodness it didn’t.

    some supernatural psychological piece you got there but its begging for more flesh…by that […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Ella 3 months, 3 weeks ago


    On NS people or should i say writers come and go….there were many like her who also became scarce.

  • Well if you say so…im hoping your next installment will clear the air as you said.

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Never Again 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Domestic voilence in the family et al….


  • Okay…while this is the story of your life, im not sure tou did proper justice in telling it to us.

    You explained jimmy’s ability to write poetry as though it were remote control and that he didnt know what […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Ella 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Another poem of unrequited and even unnoticed love….the birthday version.


  • Very engaging and funny story.

    The Thompson guy was very believable and the girl’s personality reflected in the way she handled the situation.
    Your narration flowed nicely and carried us on a pleasant yet […]

  • Hmmm

    Reading through this narrative, I could see your poetic nature trying to evolve into the prosaic; the flowery flow of romantic words thats characteristic of the poetic.
    Maybe its in the attempt to be […]

  • This was beautifully written!

    Very believable!

    The characters fully developed!

    And the narration was detailed, painting vivid images on the canvas of our imaginations.

    I don’t know if this was an […]

  • While this was a nicely crafted piece riding on the vehicle on narration via dialogue, where I feel it may have faulted is the inability to properly distinguish and explain the sci fi elements. In some places you […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Mfon 4 months ago


    The story was kinda predictable. And the way it is written could be done better.

    Dees hive already pointed out a host of things u should do to it.

    I see that you tried to achieve suspense from the […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, A Time full of Love 4 months ago

    Interesting story.

    Interesting such that I forgot it was lengthy. And that’s what a good tale should do.

    I very much like @uzywhyte‘s idea, that would have made it more understandable for the readers instead […]

  • You write well.

    But I always maintain that its not a good idea to raise intellectual arguments over spiritual matters.
    It never solves anything due to its restricted understanding of the ways of the Most High […]

  • Years later he would come to appreciate his dads love….

    Nice flash fiction which carries a truth many teenagers share. Very belivable as it has happened to many of us in real life.

  • Reading this was like reading a burst of writing from a philosophical discuss….it seemed initially like what you’d categorize under poetry but the depth of thought and narrative reflection differentiated […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, The Right Time 4 months ago

    Blue eyes ke ? The girl na albino? And is this a series? It looks like it was truncated with the word you left hanging further down?
    Keep flexing them romantic muscles yeah…
    You have an enjoyable way of […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, That One Night 4 months ago

    Simple poem that was clearly understood. Nice use of simplicity and metaphors in depicting a tradition of virgin testing by a royal groom.

    Despite its briefness, the poem says so much within its just few lines. […]

  • Something is amiss in this final part of the story. I’m not very convinced with the resolution here…

    It all seems rushed and doesnt seem believable enough. Whatever made Dentos mum change drastically?
    How […]

  • So it was actually an old couple…

    This is a nice representation of what women go through when they worry about aging.

    Yet. The beauty of married life is reflected in the love of a couple for each […]

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