• nothing much in this installment besides the girl being noticed to be missing.

    what happens next…?

  • hmmm….

    Like I said…you need to find a way to seperate the sceanrios so they don’t get mixed up.

    The Yusuf and his mother’s part just read like an intrusion into a narrative flow. You needed to have […]

  • The reflection of death and one’s passing is usually something many never want to talk about. This poem lays down a lot of food for thought and thus makes one realise the need to make both positive impact for […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Alone 2 months ago

    What I loved the most about this story is the fact that it leaves behind this residue of provoked thought that rings in your mind almost forever….

    We come to this world alone and die alone….truth!

  • This was a serious matter but I just couldn’t help laughing!

    Nice one @MCSNOL

    But please try to space out your paragraphs so that reading would be easy on the eyes. Having everything packed together can be […]

  • LOL….

    Too much porn….He (or is it you?) needs Jesus!

    NIce blunt rant.,.it could have still fallen under poetry category though.

    We feel the chaos raging in his (or yours?) mind and its terrifyingly […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Final Escape (2) 2 months ago

    And so the drama begins.

    I hope you won’t floor our expectations sha…

    Keep it coming.

  • Afronuts commented on the post, The Final Escape (1) 2 months ago

    Oh…also take time to read through your work properly. You made some ommissions and wrong use of words like this one —
    ‘no my child, you shall not die but leave to fulfil the glory of the lord.’
    You should […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, The Final Escape (1) 2 months ago

    I hope the pastor is not up to what i think he is up to…

    You told two stories in one…or rather presented two scenarios in which you didn’t seperate them properly. I almost got confused that I was reading […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Midnight Lovers 2 months ago

    And this was not labeled as poetry?

    How manage?

    Interesting true life experience though…the typical thought process of a non-committal affair.

    lol…so @ufuomaotebele you don dey do poetry too?

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Illusion 2 months ago

    Hmm…a married man?

    She’s courting trouble.

    Nicely written @namdi

    I like the steady flow of the story…its not in a hurry to conclude and takes its time to gather facts and background info to arrive at […]

  • Richly written tale @ufuomaotebele

    However, the way it ended wasn’t very clear to me…in what way was Bayo going to put her out of her misery? Kill her or kill her husband?

    Also just a few notes on some […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Remembering James 2 months ago


    Obviously you can write and that’s good.

    But I wasn’t ‘wowed’ by the story. Maybe because it had no proper closure or resolution of some sort; it looked like an uncompleted piece…If this is how it […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Death By Banging: 2 2 months ago

    ‘Ama had wanted to move in with her but Biodun had a grumpy gay flat mate who thought Ama was a gutter rat that would mess up their cosy little haven. ‘

    Number 1 – That was a believable scenario you painted in […]

  • Hmm….

    What is quite unique about the tale is the fact that it’s ‘accidentally erotic’ in a way. Apparently there’s no way to tell the story of a prostitute without reffing the acts of pay-as-you-go […]

  • I already commented on this on your blog so what do I say here hmmm?

    Nice behind the scenes….

    lol… I’m too lazy to go back to the blog and cop-paste my comment,

  • For a moment I thought part of the idea for the story. I’m working on had slipped into yours. thank goodness it didn’t.

    some supernatural psychological piece you got there but its begging for more flesh…by that […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Ella 6 months, 3 weeks ago


    On NS people or should i say writers come and go….there were many like her who also became scarce.

  • Well if you say so…im hoping your next installment will clear the air as you said.

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Never Again 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    Domestic voilence in the family et al….


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