• @six You too had to summon me from hibernation abi?

    First of all I like the narrative style of this piece
    Then I noticed its abrupt disjointedness which got me wondering if I was reading a body of […]

  • @literati

    You just had to summon me from hibernation sha…

    Hmmm…this story was pacy (though I didn’t bother reading the first part as info detailed here has already made me aware what was in it).

    But […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, When Good Turns Bad 2 years ago

    Talk about Karma.

    Apart from a few typos and proper spacing, nice story and well told!

  • Tried looking for the first part but couldn’t find it.

    However, nice build up as we get to know the characters.

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Less TV…. 2 years ago

    I like the way you began this true-life narrative…it caught my attention and made me want to proceed further. This is what I feel any writing should attempt to do. Its like advertising where the first 6.5 […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Acts Of Seduction 2 years ago


    Why did you truncate it now?

    Nice. I like the depth of this depiction of the human mating call, though it leaves us in suspense with unanswered questions…

    I guess that’s because it didn’t end

  • Afronuts commented on the post, My Dream Love 2 years ago

    The idea behind the story reminds me of a story that @TolaO wrote way back that explored the dream sequence having a Deja Vu in reality.

    While the idea is cool I’m not sure you did enough justice in how you […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Vile Desires 2 years ago

    I’m struggling to believe that this is a poem because it just read like erotic fiction.
    Maybe its because its too simple and not intricately written with the depth that’s familair to poetry; it just describes […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Cross Road 2 years ago

    I knew this was about death before it ended.

    I’m trying to understand why you titled it cross road while it centres on the theme of death and the vanity of life.

    Cross road refers to a point where you have […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, 24 Hours 2 years ago

    Is this a tribute to the 24 TV series?
    ‘Cause it looks like it.
    It aptly summarizes the premise of the series (if I’m right about the tribute).

    Nicely done

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Final Destination. 2 years ago

    I don’t think the first four paragraphs were necessary. It read like an unrelated article though speaking on similar subject. If you took it out it still souldn’t affect the body of the story.

    And this […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Leave My House! 2 years ago


    Firstly…are really sure this is a flash fiction? It read like it has a continuation.

    secondly, how does one ‘trembling like a cold-stricken hen’ look like? Have in mind that when you write, you […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Yellow Pawpaw 2 years ago

    Predictable but nice with the use of words.

  • Thank goodness Social media wasn’t trending while I was in school!
    the havoc of these things sef…

  • Nice poem.

    I know it must have taken some serious thought to thread a ryhming pattern that would have a conclusion that gives the whole story within the poem a closure.

    But I hope this is not how all your […]

  • Interesting valentine themed plot….I like the fact that your characters are defined in their characteristics. I also like how you made a general community problem (blocked toilets) pitched them against each […]

  • Adeyela and Profile picture of AfronutsAfronuts are now friends 2 years, 1 month ago

  • Its been a frigging while!

    And I need to make a come back.
    I knew the hiatus would happen the moment some shitty things happened at my workplace keeping me too distracted to get back on.
    Now I gotta get […]

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