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  • @Nmadu

    Oya….come and confess….what has your story got to do with the Japanese anime titled ‘High School of the Dead?’

  • Okay, its evident that you did a little more work on this part but I won’t say its enough. The circumstances here are not realistic enough; you need to take time to make us believe somebody actually died. Also the […]

  • Most of the issues have been raised in other comments.

    I think you also mixed the names of your characters at some point. Check out where you called Justina Caro instead.

    You need to write more and read […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Sexual Heroes 6 days, 9 hours ago

    Nice poem….which is more like an ode to parents of accidental pregnancies. @Chime221 raised a good point though.

    I particularly like the last two lines at the ending. And I was wondering why you placed it […]

  • Okay so much is happening I don’t even know at what point I’ll call the climax of this series…maybe its because there are so many high points in the story….kind of like multiple climaxes.

    It just gets […]

  • *Applause*

    Awesome! You kept the suspense, mystery and strangeness of the story burning!

    I love your sense of imagination – it is complex yet you tell it so simply that its so easy to imagine.
    Your […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Ekaete 1 week, 2 days ago

    Lovely piece.

    But i felt it didn’t do enough justice to ‘Ekaette’

    lol…maybe its because I’ve come to stereotypically see ‘Ekaette’ as some sort of temptress from the Calabar and expected some more […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Reflection 1 week, 2 days ago

    What happened?

    The story got truncated? How manage ? That really spoilt things for me.
    It even makes it hard to comment.

    Well, I hope with this error (and other pointed out errors) you’ll be mindful of […]

  • I was begining to get bored from the begining until I got to the story of Mr & Mrs Oke being narrated by one of the guys.

    I feel you could have just left it at the story of Mr and Mrs Oke alone.

    The part […]

  • Hmmm….

    The story is begining to wade through complicated waters. This is where you need to be cautious swimming through.

    I was begining to wonder how you would maintain the subtle suspense you carried out […]

  • I love this poem!


    It explores how man throws logic and intelligence to the winds when confronted with full blown temptation.


    The juxtaposing of carnal lust and intellect – we see a battle of […]

  • @dees-hive

    *Arms wide open for a hug*

    I’m loving this! Dee you’re doing a marvelous job here! Your gradual build and thickening of the plot along with sticking to detail is impressive. I must also give it to […]

  • I understand the fact that it refused to be a poem…those moments of writing where you are swayed by waves of lexicon and wordplay and they get so flamboyant and fail to sit tight in a preferred structure that […]

  • LOL!

    True story!

    True in the sense that you perfectly related the way artisans do shoddy jobs and try to preempt customers to ‘manage’ their badly done service. Nicely captured @TolaO

    Was this […]

  • This is better written than the first part . Be mindful of the typos though.

    The story is gathering momentum in a steady pace unlike the pace that seemed rushed in the first part.

    Keep up the good work…keep writing.

  • Hmmm….the way you wrote this reminds me of the first time I tried to write romance and I just couldn’t be sure when and where to come in with scenarios that depicted attraction between sexes.

    I guess you have […]

  • Kaycee was right.

    Your title is confusing and I don’t know why you’re bothered that the story won’t be related to you if your name is not on it. As long as you posted it, its on your name.

    Nice nostalgic […]

  • This is a story that fictionalises a conspiracy theory of which is very believable. I know who the characters represent in real life as you gave us pointers within the story.

    I like the Social Realism concept […]

  • Afronuts commented on the post, Breaking Out 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    You write well and you’ve got a comendable flow of art in your choice of words.

    I want to believe the story is not finished?

  • eeeek….

    Lesbo things in a girls only high school….

    Shit happens carnally.

    Dunno what to say…was loving it thinking it was a guy, then I saw that it was a girl…..oooooh!

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