Its burning everywhere
    Yet people still remain,nobody cares
    They say help ll soon come from heaven
    I woke up in a city that couldn’t sleep

    Tomorrow ll always come
    It’s window wont always be […]

    I’m not western, am culture
    I am not a gateman, I’m Aboki (your friend)
    I am not bureau-de change; I facilitate money supply
    I am not violent
    I am not stereotyped
    I am not a murderer
    I am […]


    In the mad rush of love, we treat life like a morsel of food in a haste
    We make promises that can’t be fulfilled on earth
    We say things like “for better for worse, in have’s and dont have’s, in life and […]

  • I left my light at the surface
    I walked into darkness
    Drifted and erred
    Gone and lost
    Lost conscience and punctured morals
    Strayed and ran into the world
    But you waited

    I kept running
    I ran at a fast […]


    So he came
    His leg popped out first
    The labour was pitiful
    Who has Iyawo offended
    She weekly buy sweets for her neighbour kids
    Which name befits him
    He blinks his poorly […]


    It’s sad when someone I know becomes someone I knew
    I spend most times at home falling in love with the idea of you
    You wear all black just like your soul but your heart is made of Gold
    I love you bu […]


    How do you expect us to keep it real when all you do is hide up your bunch of feelings.

    I wonder how you want me to keep the conversation Lit when all you do is “listen to me talk and reply me with […]

  • And when that time in relationship comes
    that time when we stay off each other
    I get lost thinking of you from sunrise to sunset

    Late at night,i check our previous messages
    re-read them
    possibly see […]


    I hardly close my eyes at night
    This hood just aint alright
    Stars dont even shine at night anymore
    Darkness is so black like the hair on my head
    How am i gonna dream
    I cant sleep with my eyes […]

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