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Neither Here Nor There

What a fiery beauty you have become! My brother, fruit of my father’s loins. Auspicious, Beautiful, Promising. Thence came our crossroads. You chose West I chose home. I dine amala and ewedu I wine fura and nunu, Ugba and palmwine are priceless to me. But you. Yes you! You washed away your colours. You embraced … Continue reading Neither Here Nor There

Remember Us This Way

I look back on the memories we’ve had sometimes ago When life was free for every one of us, both young and old When hiding in dilapidated buildings wasn’t a survival technique And death was from nature, not a man-made epidemic When our young ones were free to go to school, grow up and become … Continue reading Remember Us This Way



Koi, koi, koi… the knock came again Light yet piercing A dispensable knock All nerves of me could discern the footsteps Habitually, it has adroitly licensed itself Like a malignant lump sheltered in the epidermis Survived a countless apoptosis Launching itself as the Upper Volt’s *dumsor Indeed, an alter ego It had saved me the … Continue reading Moments