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The Multi Million Business – Episode 2

THE MULTIMILLION BUSINESS EPISODE 2 Pastor Mathew was in a beautifully furnished hotel room wearing a boxers and was sitting on the bed and behind him was a fair lady wearing a lacy pink bra that revealed her avocado sized breast and a matching G-string pant that exposed smooth fresh looking buttocks was kneeling on … Continue reading The Multi Million Business – Episode 2

The Devils Lair – episode 1

THE DEVILS LAIR episode 1 . Saturdays are usually special for most Nigerians . It’s mostly an off work day for corporate employees and possibly a time to relax . For some others , it is a perfect day to fix an occasion like a wedding or naming ceremony . It gives everyone an opportunity … Continue reading The Devils Lair – episode 1

Behind The Scene

“I don’t know how I got here, I don’t know how I became suicidal, all I know is I want to end everything “, said Bayo, his voice hoarse from crying while speaking to the only man bold enough to walk up to him from the onlookers. “I might not understand what’s happening to you, … Continue reading Behind The Scene

That Line between Love and Lust

Beside being the most dedicated staff of a multinational Oil Company in Nigeria, Michael was also the best husband in the whole world as long as Rita was concerned. His combination of affection and dedication to both work and marriage had become such an impeccable feat that she was overwhelmed in Nuptial bliss. Subsequently, Michael was … Continue reading That Line between Love and Lust

Lagos: The Land Of Lessons

      So yesterday I was robbed. This probably isn’t news to most of my fellow Lagosians but believe me, until it happens to you, it will seem as a trailer from a movie you watch on Netflix or FOX. It was quick, as though it was a rehearsed play for the stage. I … Continue reading Lagos: The Land Of Lessons

In-perfection #1

“Jesu!” she exclaimed as she peered at the Infinix Phone in her hand – 6.35am. She kicked her wrapper off and scrambled out of her room into the sitting room. Empty! She was either unsurprised or too much in a hurry to care. She was late again and she needed to be in church…like ten … Continue reading In-perfection #1