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There was something off about the office setting. I felt it appeared too serene. I had successfully maneuvered every camera and heat signature sensor, but I wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t my first time: it definitely wasn’t for lack of experience. I tried to clear my head of doubts: for it was my overburdened mind that … Continue reading Bullseye

Death Cries!!! Episode 1

Death Cries!!! Episode 1

DEATH CRIES!! POWERED BY STORIES DA VIBA in conjunction with Twins’ Writers Association(TWA) & NP Film Production. Genre ; Third world Crime Fiction!!! This story is written, thought-out and proofread by Njoku Nonso Emmanuel also known as Nonsegzy De Magnificenti. DISCLAIMER please note that this is a work out of my love for fiction. Any … Continue reading Death Cries!!! Episode 1


Chapter One “The Red King” Bathed in the soft glow of the Half Moon, Salekuodi’s feet barely made a sound as he slowly walked down the cold stone steps of the Palace Hallway, A sheepskin Mantle with three Tassels at each end Hanging over his Massive shoulders as he moved purposefully towards his destination. The … Continue reading EvenFall

IGBO IRUMOLE (Final excerpt from …And the Night Hissed)

CHAPTER ELEVEN We stood at the fringes of Igbo Irumole and gazed at it in awe. It was late afternoon on June 28, 1806. Nobody moved as we marveled at the dense forest before us. It was obvious that very few had dared explore its thick undergrowth for it still looked virgin. There were towering … Continue reading IGBO IRUMOLE (Final excerpt from …And the Night Hissed)

Mojisola’s Coffin

“Mojisola’s Coffin” short story by Alade Abayomi Idris “Consider yourself dead if I meet you at home when I return from work”. Michael thundered as he walked away from the emerging crowd that had gathered to settle and sympathized with the helpless woman. The neighbours were already used to their everyday fight. They often discussed … Continue reading Mojisola’s Coffin



I clearly heard the sharp light knocks on the wooden door to our flat. “Who could it be at this time of the night, we were not expecting my uncle who usually comes very late and only returns on Friday night due to his bank work” as I pondered Granny who seemed unworried about someone knocking our … Continue reading Fright

The Defender

Darkness around, silent voices I heard, took me minutes before I could figure out I had to open my eyes and see that the sun was still shining bright in the centre of the sky, I could feel serious pains around my head, I turned sideways and my eyes was directly facing his black dirty … Continue reading The Defender

DARE TO KNOW (Excerpt from …And the Night Hissed)

CHAPTER FIVE The shrine loomed ahead. A saturnine mud structure built in isolation—far away from any village or huts in the area—on the brow of a craggy hill. It was hidden from sight by wild banana and pawpaw trees but our eagle-eyed Captain caught sight of it as we passed and, piqued with curiosity, marched … Continue reading DARE TO KNOW (Excerpt from …And the Night Hissed)

Dazzle Me Chapter 3 (Novel Excerpt)

    CHAPTER III The seat belt lights came on as the air hostess said through a microphone. “We would be at the Lagos Muritala Mohammed airport in a couple of minutes so we encourage all passengers to fasten their seat belts” she said, her accent sounding almost British. So he had decided to go … Continue reading Dazzle Me Chapter 3 (Novel Excerpt)

Dazzle Me Chapter 2 (Novel Excerpt)

CHAPTER II The money, the cars and the girls had been the fast life for Clinton Okoye for as long as he could remember. So, his deprivation yesterday night till early this morning was a bitter pill to swallow. He had no access to his money, his car had been confiscated and his girl had … Continue reading Dazzle Me Chapter 2 (Novel Excerpt)

Unraveling ep9 of 16

When the heart beats at nothing but itself, she wonders When the belly twitches for nothing in particular, she wonders When the shivering starts and the weather isn’t chilling, she wonders When the life seems devoid of plan or purpose, she wonders On whose path is she treading? What does she long for A snippet … Continue reading Unraveling ep9 of 16