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Cold 2: Revelations

Everyone stared intently at the Priest before the altar. He was becoming a bore. It was the mass before Christmas and Fr. Newborn was taking time too much than necessary; it was as though he didn’t realize the urgency with which the guys hoped to cause mayhem in the streets of Awka: the Anambra state … Continue reading Cold 2: Revelations

The Other Side Of Silence

The lecture hall was packed to the brim with students, and the number of people standing exceeded the number of people sitting, the lecturer’s tiny voice was not helping matters, Jane from where she was sitting on the sixth row of chairs had a difficult time hearing the lecture. Some students have given up hope … Continue reading The Other Side Of Silence

Da Hub EPISODE 1 (The preface)

  EPISODE 1 (The preface) There was an unusual calmness in the early hours of that Friday just 3weeks into the new semester. The hostel was known for its liveliness and a lot of movements could be heard even in odd hours during the night owing to the fact that someone was always throwing a party. I guess … Continue reading Da Hub EPISODE 1 (The preface)

The Fall Of Oshodi

I boarded a bus home from Charity, the same way I’ve been doing the past three months I started working around that area. Today was an unusual day; this I could tell because it quickly fell dark. I didn’t bother to check my wristwatch for the time because my inner clock had already supplied it … Continue reading The Fall Of Oshodi