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I am Wright Bankole, from Lagos State,Lagos Island; I am a student of Lasu studying English and Literart studies. I like singing, writing and chatting.

Towards “Decompartmentalizing” Nigeria

TOWARD DECOMPARTMENTALIZING NIGERIA Few days ago we celebrated Nigeria at 54, where we had so many sanctimonious patriots who claim to be true citizens of a country where ethnic differences and cultural segregations seem to be worn like a cap on the heads of almost every citizen of Nigeria; the aroma of the decaying frame … Continue reading Towards “Decompartmentalizing” Nigeria



In my dream, I saw them coming in torrents With unshealthed swords of pride Basking in the euphoria of vain victory Putting on armour of ill vices Their sight so dreadful and alarming At a moment, I looked, Above the hills a glowing from afar, So bright I couldn’t behold such sight. I looked, I … Continue reading Sigh