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a medical doctor, doing his residency training program at the neuropsychiatric hospital aro, lover of books and hoping to be a seasoned writer and author. has several unpublished short stories and has a personal blog where he writes from.

The wedding scandal

Silence reigned. The clock struck eleven o’clock. A child dropped a spoon, the sound reverberating throughout the cathedral. Seun stared wide-eyed at the man walking down the aisle towards the altar. She was feeling hot and dizzy and it was a miracle she was still standing. This was every bride’s nightmare. Tade looked flummoxed. He … Continue reading The wedding scandal


Eyes Misty Glassy Foggy Tears Trickling in Slow motion Cascading Trailing new paths Downwards   Heart Spluttering Stopping Picking up Laboring Sweating Via the eyes   Waves Of pain Billowing Crashing Overwhelming Submerging   Gasps Of breath Caught in mid air Halting Sighs Chest constricted In agony Heart bleeding tears of Love lost