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Cracked Sources S1E6

E6: “O my God! You look much better. How do you feel?” “Fine I think.” Both ladies hug it out, two days without their usual gossip, work wasn’t the same in her absence. Anna broke off the embrace to munch on the chocolate bar calling out to her – they were her Achilles heel. Asides … Continue reading Cracked Sources S1E6

Love us like a Fairytale

A self contained spin off story from Love like a fairytale; focusing more on Nneka, Nkiru’s sister. It’s adapted from the last episode of Love like a Fairytale. For the story before this, see Love like a fairytale (E1 -7) available here: E1 – E2 – E3 – E4 – E5 … Continue reading Love us like a Fairytale

Cracked Sources S1E5

S1E5 “Baby” “Yes love, how are you?” “I’m ill.” “Have the day off to rest. I’ll have Jerry come take you to the hospital soon” “Thanks for knowing my mind” “It’s nothing. Take care of yourself till he gets there” Andrew dropped his phone. He heaved a sigh of relief – needs like this scared … Continue reading Cracked Sources S1E5

Cracked Sources S1E4

S1E4 As Agnes left the office, she went past her office space straight to the elevator, her friend Beatrice, who’s on the 10th floor. “You won’t believe what the Greek gods just blessed my eyes with now”. “What is it that’ll be interesting enough to make me want to leave this load of work before … Continue reading Cracked Sources S1E4

Cracked Sources S1E3

S1E3 The overhauling process was over. Luckily, no one was fired, but a lot of changes had taken place. Among many, Anna’s no longer a paralegal for Patrick, but now for Andrew, and Patrick didn’t find it funny – apparently he liked having Anna around which according to him, was the reason he always gave … Continue reading Cracked Sources S1E3

Cracked Sources (S1E2)

: Episode one is available here S1E2 It’s the day of the big unveil – The CEO, Mr. Akin, made the announcement. Mark, his only son, is to take over the mantle of CEO with effect from next Monday, and he wanted his efficient, and hardworking employees to know ahead of the public announcement … Continue reading Cracked Sources (S1E2)

Cracked Sources (S1E1)

Cracked Sources S1E1: The Starting Anna was new to the entire scenario of office romance. Sure her budding relationship with Andrew was way pass the admiration level, but she didn’t entirely understand where it was now, or actually what it was between them; probably because they had sex that one time when they both worked … Continue reading Cracked Sources (S1E1)

Welcome to Lagos: Danfo Palavas (Very Funny)

For those who’ve never been to Lagos, and those who’ve been living in Lagos, but have been ignorant to all its many glories (probably because they live the life of from house to car to office), here are some things you might see in other states, but you can never find them well objectified the … Continue reading Welcome to Lagos: Danfo Palavas (Very Funny)


Episode four: Shades Now facing severe additional charge of murder with intent, Mary was brought back to the court for retrial. The state was hell bent on prosecuting her to the fullest. ‘This is how serial murderers are created’, said the prosecutor, when he granted the press an interview before the court session began. The … Continue reading SHADES OF TRUE DARKNESS (E4 of 4)

THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 2 of 3)

Pa rozay urged her that they go to their parish to see the priest and if possible go for an impromptu confession for the protection of her husband, reminding her that been a young widow in this harsh economy is not a future he wishes for her, he helped her to her feet and walked … Continue reading THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 2 of 3)


Episode three: She is crazy ‘You have no right to sit there, its my space’, said Mary to the girl sitting on the secluded seat she normally had her meal. The girl took a quick glance at Mary, and removed her gaze almost immediately. Mary felt insulted, dropped her mesh pan, and pounced on the … Continue reading SHADES OF TRUE DARKNESS (E3 of 4)


Episode two: She sounds crazy ‘How do you plead?’, the prosecutor asked Mary. She just stared, with tears streaming down, from her eyes to her cheeks. Immediately Aunt Susan was able to process the fact that Mary had just stabbed her daughter before her own eyes, and possibly killed her in cold blood, she ran … Continue reading SHADES OF TRUE DARKNESS (E2 of 4)

THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 1 of 3)

Episode 1: Efe was on his way back to Lagos, he had just finished a job at Anambra state for chief Obi, a very wealthy customer who preferred Efe’s expertise to the charlatans in his home town and could afford to bring him all the way from Lagos to Obosi to oversee the wiring of … Continue reading THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 1 of 3)