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Unraveling ep6 of 16

All promises were made Not all were kept Some we remembered, Some we deliberately dismembered All promises are strong Like bonds on bonds Yet all we break. For reasons, mostly our sakes JJ was ill besotted at life. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonades. He swore at the originator of that statement. The … Continue reading Unraveling ep6 of 16

Unraveling ep5 of 16

We all reach for that which is forbidden Like Adam, eve and the apple A longing beyond our reach A love fragile, uncertain and unstable. You see, the satisfaction isn’t in the getting For the forbidden can be easily forgotten Leah flipped her eyes open in the dark. She blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to … Continue reading Unraveling ep5 of 16

Unraveling ep4 of 16

Whose side were you always on When papa’s cane made thumping sounds When whispered echoes drowned my muffled cries When anxiety made me groan Whose side were you always on When I looked at you for reassurance Wet eyes, bruised lips, seeking pity When I peaked for warmth or a soothing piety Whose side were … Continue reading Unraveling ep4 of 16

Unraveling ep3 of 16

While we weep – while we weep We breathe as though we feel A hand choking us as we sleep A plan making sure we sink  While we weep – while we weep We reach for a steady grip A grain of peace within our dream A tighter clasp on pleasures deep While we weep … Continue reading Unraveling ep3 of 16

Unraveling ep2 of 16

In an altar of delight A girl beamed her light Just to alter her plight Yet – she sunk in her fright In an altar of desire A boy played with fire Trapped in lust vicious fist Yet – he sought to escape its midst. Leah Abba stood at the back of the large hall … Continue reading Unraveling ep2 of 16

Unraveling ep1 of 16

We were fine Except for those thoughts Those thoughts seemed okay Except for those words Those words were acceptable Except for that deed, That deed deemed cool Until Our normal wasn’t acceptable Our attitude wasn’t agreeable Our lives became miserable We sort to be expendable Still we thought We were fine. The light turned red. … Continue reading Unraveling ep1 of 16

Adam Bala: 3

Adam Bala: 3

ONE…TWO…THREE…ZION! Episode 3 The sun was scorching. This was one of those kind of day where you stayed in bed, turned on your air conditioning unit and watched movies while eating junk food and licking ice-creams. But rather, everyone was panting hard. Taking deep breathes and drawing on mental strength, the athletes pushed forward. The crowd cheered … Continue reading Adam Bala: 3

Adam Bala: 2

Adam Bala: 2

THE PATH OF LOVE! Episode 2 The street was quiet and dark and the sounds of the crickets and frogs could be heard from a nearby swamp. Gentle breeze rustled tree branches and leaves shook in resonance. The clock on the church tower showed 3.00am. The residents in the area were all asleep except the … Continue reading Adam Bala: 2

Adam Bala: 1

Adam Bala: 1

THE FIGHT AT SCHOOL! Introduction It is the year 3012. Man and Alien now dwell together; or rather, mankind has become slaves to aliens in a subtle way. The aliens are better at all things. At leadership, they have all the mental acumen needed, at sports, their bodies are well suited and worst of all; … Continue reading Adam Bala: 1

God Bless The Day I Met You: 1

“…Swept away on a wave of emotion. Over-caught in the eye of the storm. And whenever you smile. I can hardly believe that you’re mine. Believe that you’re mine. This love is Unbreakable. It’s unmistakable.” She sang at the top of her voice, overshadowing the song emanating from the radio speakers. “O Westlife!” She said … Continue reading God Bless The Day I Met You: 1