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Neurotic Notebook: Case study “Schizophrenian”

Just a little crystal, He missed His way Home; Just a little more, He forgot his lover’s name; And not for long, He started to walk lame; For somehow the Chemicals worked but His life Didn’t. Quite a distance from reality, He said goodbye just before welcome; For somehow the chemicals worked And his Life … Continue reading Neurotic Notebook: Case study “Schizophrenian”

Rolling Stone (excerpt Of My Biography)

If birds were always supposed to fly Of what importance is kiwi? If foods were always meant for the mouth Of what importance is IV fluid? Soil to the soul Only makes one dirty, Like a garment in a hole I found not myself until twenty, Aggressiveness, Endurance, Routine Taught to me since like forever; … Continue reading Rolling Stone (excerpt Of My Biography)