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I'm an old fashioned plus sized diva who loves God, good books and knowledge.I enjoy documenting and communicating daily life and women's experiences through words and pictures.My passions are photography, gender and public health issues in Sub Saharan Africa, culture , Languages, travel and existence....


The monthly sacred flow of blood That unites many women in significance To the mystery of womanhood Has many names ; Menstruation                           Menses Period                           Time, Flower                           That time of the month Being On                           Being under The wound that never heals                                  The monthly visitor All  and more are the many names … Continue reading Menstruation….



Amidst rising smoke and beating drums, the priestess staggered to the haunting beat. Her wrists and ankles richly adorned with cowries and brightly coloured beads. Her hair wrapped in a thickly knotted red cloth with another, knotted tightly above her ample bossom as she continued to stagger in drunken stupor. She was supposed to be … Continue reading Abiku?


This Marriage

Ehhhhhh Woooooo, Ehhhhhh Woooooo! That was the unmistakable scream of Ihuoma. I lifted myself up reluctantly from my sleeping mat and strolled lazily to the entrance of the family hut to find out what the cause for alarm was this time around. Ihuoma was my sister in law and village gossip, the whole village was … Continue reading This Marriage