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my first kiss

My First Kiss (Episode 15)

WHILE SHOLA DROVE, STEVE SEARCHED the internet. First, he had read the details of the crime story, which Shola had mentioned before leaving the office; next, he had opened a link that offered an array of similar cases. Steve had just opened a new tab on the web browser when Shola pulled the car to … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 15)

my first kiss

My First Kiss (Episode 14)

IZUCHUKWU’S CAR PULLED TO A STOP few metres away from the hospital premises. The hospital did not have a parking space, and a blue Nissan car was parked on the road in front of its gate. Izuchukwu walked the few metres, which he had earlier gone past with his car. When he reached the red … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 14)

Our Little Secret (Chapter Two)

Kevwe was about to go off his wife when Ese held his hand. “I’m just so eager to know what Lawrence and Modupe are doing; the explanation can come after.” Kevwe smiled, and he flung the piece of paper away. * * * * * Lawrence and I had picked a table, in the open, … Continue reading Our Little Secret (Chapter Two)

Our Little Secret (Chapter One)

Our Little Secret It was exactly three-fifty in the afternoon when they stepped out of the function hall. Kevwe was outside already, standing beside the car that was decorated ‘Newly Married’, waiting for them. Lawrence had only two colours on him, black and white: black suit, white shirt on black bow tie—it’s black, that is, … Continue reading Our Little Secret (Chapter One)

my first kiss

My First Kiss (Episode 13)

Izuchukwu drove his Toyota Corolla into the parking lot of a popular eatery. A quick dinner; a welcome break from his niece’s cooking. The bitter leaf soup she served him the previous evening had salt as its main ingredient. Ngozi had mentioned, with pride, that she prepared a potful of it. Izuchukwu was certain that … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 13)

An Unforgettable One-Night Stand

Her legs ached, but she endured. He held her hands as they danced—moved, in her opinion—to the music, which the stereo speakers offered: slightly to the left, they would go, then to the right; then to the left again, and to the right. Sam loved all possible romantic gestures—so pathetic! and that’s still her opinion. … Continue reading An Unforgettable One-Night Stand

Someone Better Than You

She was overly conscious, afflicted with the need to maintain a steady smile; a trial that made her lips quiver. She was happy—no doubt about that, who wouldn’t?—but she had never maintained a smile for such a length of time. The photos were being taken in quick succession, and she was unsure when a photographer … Continue reading Someone Better Than You

my first kiss

My First Kiss (Episode 12)

Nneoma had offered to buy her guest a drink, but Izuchukwu had declined the offer. Since Izuchukwu had earlier mentioned that he had come to check on her, as regards Jerry’s disappearance, Nneoma had decided not to bother him with her reply to the proposal he had made. That would be for another time, she … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 12)

my first kiss

My First Kiss (Episode 11)

Evans had his eyes on the window as successive raindrops splashed on the panes. Each drop glided down in haste, in hot pursuit of another, leaving behind a trail that succeeding drops readily maintained. But, only at brief intervals did Evans notice the window—and the raindrops. The windows that allowed one a view of the … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 11)

Will I Ever Be Loved?

I heard the door bell, and immediately I sprang to my feet. The distance to the door was short, still, I walked in haste. I pulled the bolts with a smile. The surprised look he had, immediately he saw me, was unmistakable: Joshua our eldest son most times opened the door. I smiled again to … Continue reading Will I Ever Be Loved?

my first kiss

My First Kiss (Episode 10)

*****Ten years earlier***** Nneoma stirred on the bed. Then she welcomed the new day with a quiet ‘thank you, Jesus’. She counted herself lucky, being a nursing mother, yet being able to sleep through the night, without a cry from her baby. The first six days after her baby was born had been, as anticipated, … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 10)

my first kiss

My First Kiss (Episode 9)

They stood side by side on the stairs leading to the first floor, deep in a conversation. They stood quite close, shoulder to shoulder, like a pair desperate to confirm their 2-inch height difference. When a group of students had emerged, in haste to use the stairs on which they stood, the duo had momentarily … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 9)

my first kiss

My First Kiss (Episode 8)

The sound of Jerry’s mobile phone, indicating an incoming call, made Evans to turn on the bed. Ordinarily, he would have ignored the call. But the situation at hand required a contrary action. Evans sighed. He was sure the clock had a long way to go before it reached five thirty. As Evans rose from … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 8)