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The Chibok Flashpoint? #BringBackOurGirls

This day last month over two hundred young girls were abducted from their school in a brazen move by Boko Haram terrorists. The Nigerian nation now accustomed to periodic episodes of the sect’s brutality was shocked out of silence by the sheer scale of this operation and the innocent, defenseless children it targeted. Shortly after, … Continue reading The Chibok Flashpoint? #BringBackOurGirls

Clarion Call 9

  By this time, I had completely adjusted and the once rigorous camp routines bothered me no more. I was encompassed by a slight sense of relief mingled with urgent haste and pleasure that was overshadowed with regret. In the better part of three weeks, I had been through many new and intense experiences: some … Continue reading Clarion Call 9

Clarion Call Eight : My Chance, Sango, and the Little Child.

  Love is a hurricane, sometimes it will toss you away like a cheap coin and sometimes it will lend you wings to roam the sky. “I will leave you soon. When I do, keep going”.  Those were the mysterious words I uttered to my friends that morning, and my hasty tone made it clear … Continue reading Clarion Call Eight : My Chance, Sango, and the Little Child.

Clarion Call Seven

I thought long and hard but I could not think of a clever, preferably anonymous way of getting to the NYSC authorities to register my suspicions about the ridiculous amount we’d been made to pay so eventually, I abandoned caution and just went for it directly. The next afternoon, I walked to the admin block, … Continue reading Clarion Call Seven

The Clarion Call VI : Flashpoint.

I am continuing from where I left off, the scene in my hostel when I announced to my friend, Fiyi with a mischievous twinkle in my eye that I would find the girl I had last seen on the second day of the camp. My earnest search for the ‘shiny girl’ began the next day, … Continue reading The Clarion Call VI : Flashpoint.

Clarion Call IV

From last week, “With or without my assent, I had just become an official property of the Nigerian government, and I would need the help of God.” The morning was fairly routine and identical to most of the other mornings in camp. I woke around 4.30am to a frosty cold that whispered temptations of sleep … Continue reading Clarion Call IV

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The Clarion Call II

Walking up from the field, the illustrious Mammy Market was set in a small, uppermost north-east corner of the camp. It had little less than one score canopies spread out in all directions, including centre. I think most people went there primarily for food, I know I did and the majority of traders there sold … Continue reading The Clarion Call II

The Clarion Call I

On that day, one hundred thousand young men and women were summoned from the solace of their homes to one of almost three dozen centers across this country. I was one of them and like each of my colleagues, I had no choice in the matter. We were all going to ‘serve our nation’ with … Continue reading The Clarion Call I