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Kay Ade Greins is an eccentric storyteller who likes thrillers, mysteries and conspiracies more than the way an ant likes sugar. He is currently working on a compilation of his short stories alongside doing the research of his debut novel. His works have appeared in Al-fahm magazine, Naijastories, Elsieisy, amongst many others.

The Water Police

Inspired by an urban myth in Opobo, Rivers state. *** The natural police doesn’t wear black uniform or hold old carbine rifles with cellotaped magazines. It doesn’t collect bribe. It doesn’t wear bullet proof vest on top a native dress. It doesn’t pursue you when you offend, instead, you go and meet it, and its … Continue reading The Water Police

Five Signs and Mistakes with a Doom

My friend, Titi, always said the head witch in my village has my picture in her hands and that she was always staring at it. I had always refuted that claim, but today after five neglected signs, mistakes and doom, I accepted without any fuzz. The First Mistake 7:00am The Monday morning started well. You … Continue reading Five Signs and Mistakes with a Doom

The House At The Hilltop

We walked off the street into the bush that led up the hill. I had last seen Chris around this bush, not knowing he had escaped under Vincent’s watch. Here I am helping Vincent to catch Chris before the Kapol discover the escape. The house we were going to was up the hill and it … Continue reading The House At The Hilltop

The Good Lagos Samaritan

I hate Lagos. I have always hated it. It is the home to many: the rich in the island, the average in mainland, and the poor in the slums like Ajegunle. Lagos is overcrowded, which is one of the reasons I hate Lagos. That particular day, I had just closed from office, a shop that … Continue reading The Good Lagos Samaritan