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A writer, poet, actor and public speaker.


Mister man, I saw the  patches beneath her eyes, Again. Her tale of blissful misery. Her woeful wails feeds your damnation   Day and night makes no difference Blue black her is her lone colour, She sees nothing again Only the stars from your mighty fists.   You are Lord, King and own this aging … Continue reading Pugilist

Bring Back The Music

Bring Back The Music

The wait has been interminable, The trailing silence most deafening. Patience comes to mollify, Mopping our despair Bringing the same hackneyed tides That have gone with the dinosaurs. Our eardrums are left groaning Itching eardrums, Atrophied eardrums, Wearied by the din of these disguised minstrels.   They feign melodious performances, They string their strange notes, … Continue reading Bring Back The Music