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I am a poet, freelance writer, author and blogger. The kind of person you love to hate and hate to love.

Blessed Virgin Merry

I was beatified on the same day Sister Irene ‘Nyaatha’ Stefani became ‘Blessed’. While Blessed Irene Stefani began her journey to sainthood, I began mine to slut-hood. The only thing I share with Blessed Irene Stefani is Roman Catholicism and seven-frilled habits. Habits are religious cloths you moron, you can say dresses if you are … Continue reading Blessed Virgin Merry

Don’t Die a Virgin

(My Terrorism Journal) Don’t die a virgin, terrorists are waiting for you in heaven. I am every terrorist’s wet-dream girl. I have big, wide and beautiful/lovely/lustrous eyes, like pearls, just the way the Quran says in Surat Al-Wāqi`ah 56:22 – 23. I am tall, baby-faced (what the Hadith calls eternally young), complexion like that of … Continue reading Don’t Die a Virgin

Elove Poetry: A Case of Identity Crisis on NS?

Elove Poetry: A Case of Identity Crisis on NS?

It started with Tosyn commenting on one of my posts, “Nice one Bruv/Sis. Please keep them coming”. Bubbllinna replied, “Elove is a dude…@tosyn keep off!…hehehe…” Then the Head Wordsmith, Kaycee, asked, “Elove is a dude??? Mtcheeew. All these romantic dudes seff?” I replied without an answer, “Yep??? It happens that ‘we poets’ know paper/pen love, … Continue reading Elove Poetry: A Case of Identity Crisis on NS?