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i bleed my heart out through a pen...or in this case, i got a blood-soaked keyboard. I like to question the norms of life.

Shock Therapy

“Yes…yeah…there you go…..easy fella….ahhhhh!” Relief ran itself boldly across my body, a satisfied smile creased my face as urine steadily gushed outta my bladder. Enjoying the moment, I close my eyes and zone out. Walking back to the office to resume my tedious , tiring job of doing nothing. I decide to check my reflection … Continue reading Shock Therapy

The Story of a Mirage (Pt. 1)

The Story of a Mirage (Pt. 1)

Prologue The text message came at around six in the evening, confirming my worst fears. It’s been a while coming(wouldn‘t want to admit I had been in denial), with this previous statement, you should get what I mean. I had hoped I could turn the disaster vehicle around but it took me straight to the … Continue reading The Story of a Mirage (Pt. 1)