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    There is something immensely enthralling and helplessly entrancing about kissing someone you truly love for the first time. A majestic tranquillity stirs in, and settles placidly on your weary nerves, just as dew descends on leaves on a misty morning. An unabashed sincerity drifts through your lips as they brush against theirs, and … Continue reading Nostalgia

The Departed

“I really can use a big, delicious glass of wine”, Ekene proclaimed. “Red.” “And a long dreamless sleep, probably one I’d never wake up from”, he added. It was the third time he was talking to himself that evening. He was finally alone. The stream of friends and family with well-rehearsed sad faces had seemed … Continue reading The Departed

Death Dreams

I stood, few feet away from my seat, hands pocketed, staring into the fireplace. The bright flames danced happily on the red hot coals, and they make cracking sounds as the fire slowly replaced their blackness with white ashes. How much I’d love to see a man tied up in there. A smirk lingered on … Continue reading Death Dreams

Omotara, The Golden Girl

Omotara, The Golden Girl

Ekene barely listened as a colleague complained quietly beside him about the cold in the conference room. It was the first time the air conditioning units were running since the conference room was refurbished. The presentation by the project manager would be done in a few minutes, and some of the new trainees were waiting outside … Continue reading Omotara, The Golden Girl

Roads untravelled, Words unsaid

I His whole life flashed in front of him, as the words filtered into his ears. He was never one to hold that expression to be realistic. It was something he often came across casually in novels and articles in magazines. When people come across a sudden life-threatening bad news, the first few seconds often … Continue reading Roads untravelled, Words unsaid

Memoirs of an Introverted College Student

With great enthusiasm, we gallivant, perhaps, not entirely aimlessly, but directed by the pleasure we gain from it. We are new to the environment after all. We meet people, new people; fellows out of which great friends are eventually made. Sons and daughters of men destined to touch our lives one way or another; and … Continue reading Memoirs of an Introverted College Student