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Taiwo Oluwatosin Joel known for his pen name Theo-ziny . A young writer. He own a blog where he post his stories. He is just a regular guy who writes for fun and get inspired by anything, be it inconsequential or consequential.

Holy Sin By Theo-ziny Joel

The sun- world’s known amebo presence graced the hall. It stood it’s feet on the ground and sat it’s butt on the desk. Attentively, it’s gaze was concentrated on almost-all-of-our papers that sat on the desk. It invigilated along with the external invigilator, making our faults known easily. The weather was meant for a cold … Continue reading Holy Sin By Theo-ziny Joel


“That is the house” I pointed from a distance dropping my hand in a flash to avoid being seen “It’s going to be a very difficult mission to carry out considering the security placement and most especially that her surly weird looking dog” Akpan said “So in other words it’s a mission impossible?” I asked in a … Continue reading 12:00AM by THEO-ZINY JOEL