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Doubly plagued with first, an awfully slow reading pace (no thanks to a mind that wants to drain the life out of every word read), and second, an attention span that’s only a little longer than a blink, the fellow has a penchant for the brief. His microfictions strew themselves across Microbookends (Contest winner), ThreeLineThursday, 81words, Drablr, 101words, Shortsharpshot and most recently, the 2015 summer issue of the Boston Literary Magazine. While, and when not, working as a Pharmacist that he often forgets he is, Bunmi is either engrossed in entertaining endless story ideas in an ever-distracted mind, or dutifully downloading more literary material than his snail speed can permit him finish in two lifetimes. Find him on Facebook: and Twitter: @bunmi_oke

This Ring Thing

My phone is still under repairs for screen damage. By the way, isn’t there a disparity in sound between an accidental drop and a deliberate smash? So, news had reached her her high school besties (the last of her unmarried mates, actually) would be tying the knot two months of each other. We’ve never been … Continue reading This Ring Thing