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I am that constantly evolving persona, who apparently gets lost in the middle of not writing. I am quite courteous, but aloof - and that's unhealthy. I know. I realize a genuine sense of belonging when caught up with writers, because then, my creativity hits its peak. A Materials Engineering graduate presently obeying the "clarion call", I write, but mostly when challenged by great and/or compelling situations or people. I am from Akwa Ibom, and in my mid-twenties. I have loved poetry now, more than the prose and play. I love literature, and, yes, Engineering - for creativity's sake. And as a valuable tool...!
I’d Say Them No More

I’d Say Them No More

If these words, those words Cannot quicken the beats of your heart, Cannot cause a surge of your emotive heat I’ll stop using them, yes, I’ll say them no more   But these words, those words Are not new to you and me We’ve heard it through and through You know the words I’ve sought … Continue reading I’d Say Them No More



Leaving school is a dream. The intense desire of every student springing from the very first day he gets to school. No matter how zealous the scholar is about schooling, there is always a longing for that afterlife beyond those walls – to more engaging tasks, into another unfamiliar terrain, to conquer new climes and … Continue reading MEMOIRS OF A GOVERNMENT PIKIN – ‘Pre-Camping’ Period