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I am just a regular guy who appreciates all forms of art, but poetry has always been a big issue for me. Poetry never caught my fancy because it was always too short to convey true feelings. My opinion.

Ramota 2

Continued from part 1… During the arithmetic lesson (the subject just before break), Ramota being the devil she was suddenly took my bag and fled outdoors. Her actions surprised me because I didn’t understand why she would do that, and even without taking permission to leave the class. Without even thinking, I slipped after her. … Continue reading Ramota 2


They made away just in time, the wailing sirens getting closer and louder due to the doppler effect. Kola manuevered the Honda skillfully through the light traffic. They all had the nervous, wide-eyed look of desperate men who had committed a crime and needed to flee before their demons caught up and tore them to … Continue reading Caught


She retched and emptied her entire stomach content, eyes bloodshot and teary. She shivered slightly from the fever racking her body and from the cold floor which she knelt upon. She felt broken. The tears had begun to flow now even as she cleaned herself up and tried to smoothen every crease in her outlook. … Continue reading BroKeN



“Mum, I am scared”, whimpered Temi as he held on tight to his mother’s embrace, burying his teary face in her ample bosoms. He felt safe now. For now. She held on tight to him and soothed him with sweet, calming words. “Don’t worry darling, I’m here now and nothing will ever touch you”, she … Continue reading hAuNteD

E go better

  The young man wakes up. Yawning sleepily, he stretches himself, and sighs deeply. The mattress is cold and damp with musky sweat. His movement disturbs a small swarm of mosquitoes that had taken temporary lodgement in the areas disturbed by his motion, lift off; buzzing noisily, abdomens engorged to bursting point with fresh blood. … Continue reading E go better