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Find Iyanda Feranmi Oluwatobi

FIND IYANDA FERANMI OLUWATOBI Imagine there’s no greed A world where you want for me As much as you want for yourself No one will take away my dear sister Our well beloved colleague From ‘our world of love’ To leave us with an illusion An illusion of what peaceful coexistence should be. You’ll not … Continue reading Find Iyanda Feranmi Oluwatobi

Funaabites Groan

                                          FUNAABITES GROAN If the result of the last 6 months FG vs. ASUU battle that spanned July 1ST to December 20TH 2013 was a success on all university or by extension to other tertiary institutions in Nigeria, So be it! Yet the truth must be said that the case is different for the … Continue reading Funaabites Groan