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a man with no eyes, sitting on nothing but thin ice. i like to say, "my uniqueness draws its essense from the dark well of my oddity"

Blood On The Altar: Chapter 6, 7, 8 & 9

Chapter 6 That day, Blessing got home, sweating like a Christmas goat that just escaped being slaughtered. “Men are wicked.” She told herself as she removed her shoes by a swing of her legs; the shoes flew into a corner. She opened her fridge and gulped down a bottle of water. “That was close.” She … Continue reading Blood On The Altar: Chapter 6, 7, 8 & 9

Chapter 1 & 2: Blood On The Altar

This novel is the sole property of wale-joseoh oludare (KINGwax Oluwadamilare). All right reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system of any kind, sold, rewritten, printed/photocopied, recorded or published online or traditionally without the prior licence and authority of the author- KINGwax oluwadamilare 07035593128 PROLOGUE April, 1965 … Continue reading Chapter 1 & 2: Blood On The Altar

The Lost Soul

Plunged into the ocean of darkness Struggling in its impossible berth Wishing I could escape this smoke of blackness Feeding my soul with nothing but spiritual death Oh, save my soul, for I know no peace My conscience is drowned in the evil of my actions My ways are paved on the path of the … Continue reading The Lost Soul

Blood On The Altar (two)

CHAPTER 2 It was all a plan, she didn’t have anything to tell the Coordinator; it was just beginning of her grand plan to oust Sister Hannah, the newly promoted sweet voice who was beginning to garner followers. During the weekday’s rehearsal, the Coordinator has suggested that Hannah be given a chance to break forth … Continue reading Blood On The Altar (two)

Blood On The Altar (ONE)

PROLOGUE April 1965 Beside the historic museum on Helm’s street was a thick bushy virgin land. Crowds were seen gathered on the street while an old woman wailed in agony. Her husband and three children have been killed right on their land which shared a fenced boundary with the museum. Rumours has it that this dead … Continue reading Blood On The Altar (ONE)

BLOOD ON THE ALTAR (an excerpt)

The transit to Jos was too silent for Blessing; all through the journey which she went alone, she held the picture of her dead lover in her hands, crying at every glitch of the cherished memories they shared. The last night they spent together, she could still remember her words: “My dearest Blessing, this is … Continue reading BLOOD ON THE ALTAR (an excerpt)

THE BOOMERANG: the diary of a foolish lady

I couldn’t bring myself to believe that my sister has brought this much shame upon us. Or let me say I did know she would, but I didn’t know it will be this quick. Now, for the first time in my life, the first son, the second born, I witnessed the whole family of four … Continue reading THE BOOMERANG: the diary of a foolish lady