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I am a young man who was introduced to reading early on in life by my father who would bring home the daily newspapers and 'beg' me to read to him... then later on as an escape from bullies in my primary and secondary schools. I would seek the protection of the library walls from these bullies and in time the residents of this sanctuary-books-became my faithful friends. I love listening to people talk but people can't talk long as books can so I read their thoughts in books. Writing is my response to questions asked in books I have read and as a way of answering questions I have asked myself about myself and others. I like writing about human frailties and the desire of the human mind to triumph over life's half chances. Some of my short stories have been published by and by all under FICTION. My recent short story, The Liberation Of Alhaja And The Keys Of Manhood will be published this Sunday, the 19th of February online by Story Time Africa (@storytimeafrica). I am evolving. Gracias! My Twitter handle is @abdulmuizzx. Please note the 'x'. I will follow back to know you better.

The Liberation Of Alhaja And The Keys Of Manhood

The painting is actually an original by an old and late hand in the industry, Wassily Kandisky (1866- 1944). It consists of three rows and four columns of concentric circles beautifully done in a watercolour wash and pencil with a dimension of 28.3 by 31.5cm. It is aptly titled ‘Colour Study: Square and Concentric Circles’ … Continue reading The Liberation Of Alhaja And The Keys Of Manhood