Title it Whatever

We are men, am not starting on a masochistic rant. Neither am I patriarchally sexist. Let’s just say we, whether we own a penis or a vagina are all men. The nature of human is to always strive for perfection but the nature of nature is to never let humans find perfection. Nature tips the […]


Legend of the Pantyhose

It wasn’t that it was sheer, Definitely, wearing it I could bear, But when people stopped and looked, I started thinking, ‘My goose is cooked,’ Why are they staring at me that way? Maybe I shouldn’t have worn pantyhose today, When I walked passed them boys, Ah, they really can be toys, My mother saw […]


My Boss’ Wife: Episode 8

My late husband wrote his son as the heir to all his properties but everything should be under my control until he reached the age of twenty-one. I was the happiest woman in the world even though his younger brother had been coming arguing that I killed his brother because I wanted to inherit everything. […]



“REPARATION” When they came, they came With their waste of gibberish sermon Which tore us apart and put a paste of Hatred among our tribes that once Were bonded with the adhesive tape of love. When they came, their gibberish sermon Made us to prate with sheepish awe While our wealth was crated across the […]

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