Leave your gentle at the door. Let me kiss you and make your lips quiver like sex on a broken bed. Personify my eyes to make them walk the landscape of your body. Tonight, you are the grounds of California and I am the earthquake shaking your city of thighs. ————————————————————-

The Devil Attacked

  When she heard a strange voice…  She was puzzled and in distress  She couldn’t control herself, she couldn’t help but obey  The order was so firm!  It wasn’t her desire,  She spoke in defense saying, “How would you ask me to take it? Why  would you ask me to go there? But I don’t […]

Candle in the Dark

Ties That Kill

The streets were deserted as the harsh harmattan wind blew across. The moon was full that night and its light shone across the street announcing the presence of the houses that lined the street. The shops and pubs that had made the street popular were all closed. This was unusual the night being a friday. […]

what he said

The Confession

“I had sex last night.” BJ’s calm announcement, sent mother’s green tea hurtling back up her esophagus. She choked on it and coughed twice. Then she placed her mug on the table in a bid to gather her composure. Father’s fork was halfway to his mouth. It trembled, as it made its way back down […]


Beautiful Colors Of Sin: 3

Dressed in a white blouse, black slacks, and a brown Jimmy Choo sandal, I stood alone at the edge of the parking lot of Tantalizers. I was waiting for Alhaji Baruwa to pick me up. When I spoke to him about Austin, I didn’t expect him to react the way he had. “I swear to […]


The Contact

Oh no, who the hell is this! I thought the instant my body made contact with his hard biceps as we collided at the door of Pennymat Supermarket. Cuddling my head on his broad chest, he asked. “Did you forget your eyes at home?” I felt hot, either from embarrassment or from the contact, I […]


Mended Mirror – Part 4

Standing was a startled Nurse Yinka, her white overall pulled up indecently to her fair fleshy thighs, three buttons was undone revealing a white lace bra barely holding together her coconut coloured, coconut shaped substantial boobs begging to be freed. Emeka himself was shocked, his mouth formed into a big ‘O’. I swallowed hard. I […]

Chicken cross road

The butcher, the chicken and christmas

I heard. Yes, I overheard the old butchers in the kitchen, stroking their beard, saying, ”Christmas stew is already smeared, and we won’t await the growing baby bird.” Disappointed. Hurried off my heels to mother hen, ”the old butchers are coming for your chick”. ”Let them tarry not” said she then, ”her price will be […]

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