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trapped behind the walls we built, with our own hands, our sanctuary, our haven. through unbreakable doors and windows we see the life we never wanted, but now hunger for. the love we had, but threw away. the things we had, but never looked at. the one’s who cared, but we never cared for. the […]

ball player

Playing The Substitute Game

Playing The Substitute Game. By Victoria Ozidu. In sports, substitutions are generally made to replace tired or injured players or to replace those who are not performing well. In relationships, the game of substitution is also played. Someone else is being used as a filler or to replace a significant other for a variety of […]


I am Tiv

“Hello!” “Hello Bros! Good Morning!” “Morning! Micheal abi?” “Yes bros” “How are you?” “Fine Bros” “what’s wrong with your phone? I was trying to reach you yesterday” “bros! They don steal the phone o, in short na why I call you be that” “what! How come na?” “Bros! I beg I fuck up, bros! I […]

Dark fantasies 12

Dark Fantasies 14

Hajara laid curled on her bed, she had been thinking about Faisal doing drugs and his confession about killing his ex girlfriend. All this while she had been hanging around with a murderer, the mere thought of it sent cold shivers down her spine. ‘I wonder what would have happened if you actually donated blood.’ […]

His Highness (22)

His Highness (22)

A week later, Omotayo now resides in another part of the palace specially prepared for her as the second queen. She stood up from her bed and called her maid. “I want you to make that herbal tonic you made for me the first I got here I want to visit the first queen in […]

Dark fantasies 12

Dark fantasies 13

Emily woke up and saw Chioma glaring at her. ‘Are you okay? She asked. ‘Stay away from me, you’re responsible for what happened.’ Emily yelled. ‘What’re you talking about? ‘Just stay away.’ ‘Emily calm down it’s Chioma.’ Mark said when he entered. ‘Maybe I should leave.’ She said and got up, Mark followed her ‘Am […]

Making reading fun again