The woman in flames

The woman in flames.
Hey woman!
I see you at the back,
I see you behind the scenes,
I see your struggles not noticed,
I see the sadness you concealed behind your precious smile,
I see the sadness you can’t hide, but you shed them in darkness,
I know the struggle since your gestation period.
Hey woman!
I see your wailing and sobbing,
I see what the society thinks of you,
I see how they believe you are inadequate of your wards,
I see the pain and the emotional trauma you pass through that no one sees,
I see how you don’t get the accolades you deserve; they think of you as a weakling,
I see how hard it is for you to be soft and firm, how you must be harsh and friendly.
Hey mama!
I see how your children celebrate you on social media, but can’t stand the you in real life,
I see how your kids brag about you amongst their friends in your absence,
I see how you have become non presentable to them,
I see how your kids believe you are so frustrating,
I see your kids termed you an obstacle to their path of exploring all the fun in the world,
I see how you try protecting them from the hawks,
I see how you have taken insults from your husband; I see how you still strive for children to like you.
Hey mama!
I see the sacrifice that were not seen nor spoken of,
I see the many fees you paid in secret,
I see the flames you pass through to make the way less heated for your kids,
I see how your heroism is been underrated and neglected,
Your love can’t be reciprocated in the quality you have shown,
I am the small light at back of the stage that sees all your pain and actions,
“For the good mothers out there in pain over their children just to see them excel…..stay strong, you are breaking grounds soon.”
Jeremiah`s pen.

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