The summary of betrayal

The summary of betrayal

Two weeks after she had been sacked.

For whatever reason that she doesn’t understand or know or disclose to by her boss or other workers.

And throughout these two weeks, she had been calling her boss to ask what wrong she might have done that earned her ‘get out of here!’

But what the boss used to say was ‘nothing, you’ve performed so well; sacrificed much of your ability and so more that words can’t describe. In short, I don’t have a single problem with you. And in fact, I respect your work!”

All these he would say in a cool, office voice without a single break of regret — at times he would laugh while speaking, and perhaps, innocently punctured her heart. By saying “we have got someone as great as you”

Having she hear this, some dark layers would gather below her eyes, and by a single wink, tears would trace her cheeks down — the more she winks, the profuse the tears come out?

She’d accepted the fate of losing the job, but the reality that triggered it was her subject of inquiry. She has called almost all her friend at the office to inquire whether the boss tells them anything about her issue.

But all that their answers could afford is a negative result, pep talk, yet, nothing worked out.

In the third week, she dressed up and drove to the company, to meet the boss manly, again, after the served of her sack letter. She entered through the gate, greeted the gatekeeper and climbed up the staircases.

She gently knocked her boss door, twice, but no response — she twisted the doorknob, downward. The door opened and a mid whistle sound broke out.

She entered, and before her sight was her boss riding her friend like a horse inside the office.

The same friend who visited her two weeks ago in the office before she was sacked. The lady who she introduced to her boss. The same lady who called her to inform her of her new job, but refused to tell her the name of the company.

This was the same lady who told her she had a double promotion to the post of P. A even though she hasn’t started the work. All these had happened after she had loses her job, including being personal assistance.

Amidst the staccato and rising of their voices, she slammed the door, behind herself and them — she was embittered and snivelled bitterly as she walked away.

Still, the two horses were not moved, by anyway.

Minkail Olaitan.
Photo credit: rightful owner.

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