My birthday

My birthday

I came when the sky was starry
When the night was silvery
And gentle wind wandered about like an overfed boy child
Not in a manger like the glorious King
Nor wealthy palace like Diana’s Harry
But somewhere in the world that was not too thorny and exquisite.

I was received with love, for in love, in one of the corners of the world, I was made by two eager lovers
My coming cries were berceused with gifts
Not only from three camel ridden magi
But all who loved my coming and wished for the same.

That same day that has been coming and going,
Coming and going with the sauntering Gregory
Is once again on the horizon
Nightingale and other singing birds will sing of the day in their nests
Sturdy trees and shrubs dance to the drumming of the wild winds
Harmattans rub it on everyone’s tender skins
I hope the magi will leave their covens carrying their gifts
I hope all those who wish their days come
Come carrying cargos of gifts
Let’s do it as we have been doing it all years long.

Before thrush and his cousins begin their sonorous songs
Before wild wind evicts unwilling dancers
It’s my birthday,
I must celebrate myself before everyone else
With a heart full of praises, joy and jocund, I say:
Happy birthday to myself.

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