In the wrong

In the wrong

Kadija, ” Why are you taking this whole thing too seriously?! You weren’t supposed to catch feelings remember?! This was supposed to be a run in the park, now you’re messed up.”

“This isn’t the time to crusify me Dija, I’ve always told you to give me shorter jobs; in and out no stress. It was business as planned until he asked that we met his parents. That was where I messed up, i fell for his sweetness, his looks and to top it off his mum kept referring to me as our daughter or was it the sister that kept on yapping about how good my food tastes. This wasn’t what you painted it out to be Dija, this became a love story the second he introduced me as his fiance oh my gosh, i started believing in the facade I created!

“Fi — an — ??? Ha!!! See don’t even allow me change it for you babe the rules in our line of work are simple: its all for the money; every lie we tell, every role we play, every character we take on, the bag is the focus. A year or more with a mere stranger, acting with the script he gave you shouldn’t change your goals in life. Think about this, he knows you’re an excort, you get paid to do almost anything, he paid you to play a game with his family, even paid you handsomely for it. Now he has moved on you’re here shedding tears!!! Anyways take a few months off okay, catch your breath and relax. I want you thinking straight when next we meet.” Kadija walked out of the living room without sparing her a second glance.

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