Goddess Awakening chapter 1

Goddess Awakening chapter 1

A yawn escapes the lips of Feyi as she scrolls through her mailbox. 

“Same old. Same old,” she mutters and sighs.

For the past couple of months, she had applied and re-applying to various outlets for job opportunities.

She graduated later than usual at the age of 26 and was waiting for feedback from the National Youth Service Corps in regards to her application to them for her exemption since she finished her degree online.

Unfortunately for her and the family, it was back to back visits to the NYSC Secretariat office and vague statements from the staff before one of the technical staff members finally confirmed her suspicion; there was no exemption to be issued out despite the approval of the Federal Government.

To say that she and her family were disheartened by the news would be a big understatement.

Her mother was so angered by that that she threatened to sue them.

7 Not surprising since her family is one of the richest families in the country. Her father, Chief Adekunle Badmus was brutally murdered by some assassins whom many believe to have been sent by his political rivals when she was only 6 years old and her sisters were all living in London at the time.

Sure her mother, Chief Mrs Atinuke Badmus means well but truth be told, she can be extremely overbearing and controlling. Which mother in her right mind threatens to beat up her 28-year-old daughter simply because she did not wait for someone passing by with a massive keg of water?

Making matters worse, she often goes as far as to seize her two laptops, citing them as terrible distractions forgetting that way before the technology came along, she would often space out.

She herself does not understand what is wrong. The only little clue that she has is that she was born premature, six months early to be exact.

Her older sister, Ireti who is the third born of the family was also born prematurely albeit 8 months early. Plus she was born in the U.K as opposed to she who was born in Nigeria.

Health care difference much?


The girl panics inwardly upon hearing that dreaded sound. She knows what that means and she absolutely fucking hates it.

“Yes, mummy….” she grumbles as she gets off her seat and heads towards her mother’s bedroom.

She and her mother still live in the old family home in Ikoyi with her oldest sister Sade the first born of the family who has currently gone off to work.

The woman glares angrily at the girl who tries to hide the fear that she felt but to no avail as it seemed the woman could read through her.


She then points at a plastic bag that had some cosmetics in it.

“IS THAT WHERE I PUT IT?!!” The poor girl mutters a “Sorry” before grabbing the bag and placing it in the drawer where she originally found it.

The mother simply scoffs. “Seriously, where did I find you? No like why did I find you you useless idiot!! My single greatest mistake is not aborting you!! You are a terrible disgrace to this family and humanity as a whole!! Look at you!! You cannot even take proper care of yourself!! Everything one has to tell you!! You better get out of my sight before I slap you!! Stupid bastard!! No one will employ you!! Talkless of marrying you!! Not even that yeye ex-boyfriend of yours enjoyed you because he knows how worthless you truly are!! Stupid girl!! Come on!! Get lost!!”

Feyi immediately leaves the room and heads to her room. Compared to her siblings, she is the tomboy and the resident nerd of the family as illustrated by the various gaming and sci-fi posters on the walls in her room. Also, she was quite an untidy individual as shown with the many books thrown around and her unlaid bed.

Enough reason for people to nag and pressure her to be a certain way.She takes in a deep breath as she begins to sob.

“A-Am I really that bad of a person?”

She continues to cry her heart out till she had no more tears left.  Once she had finished, she heads to the kitchen to make herself some cup of tea in the hopes that it would calm her down.

Stuff like that barely does that but it’s the least she could do since she has no job whatsoever.

Just then her phone beeps. Pulling the device out, she scrolls through and rolls her eyes upon seeing the usual social media feeds.

“Forgot about those.”

She continues to browse through Twitter when she stumbles upon a very colorful advertisement for a game called Valkyrie. She then sighs as a flood of memories return to her.

About two years ago, she played a famous American MOBA game called Valkyrie.

It is a game where five players each in designated roles have to reach the enemy’s nexus and take down towers and gain exp via killing minions and killing the enemy team whilst they are at it. Once the download was done, she begins to install it onto her laptop.

She had always been good at games since she was a kid, always beating her friends, sisters and cousins at every singlr game imaginable. So Valkyrie wasn’t that much of a problem initially till ranked season begins that is.

She stopped playing after reaching Level 70 because the in-game toxicity from other players and the non-stop grinding system stressed her out.

She then takes a good look at the advert and discovers that Valkyrie had just created a brand new server for the African fans. She then smirks. “I suspose I should return to this hell huh?”

Without hesitation, she goes to the website and downloads the client for the African server and installs it onto her laptop.

When asked to created a username, she types in EbonyKnight. When asked for her role, she selects Mage/Midlane.

She is then taken to the character creation tool and gets to work. She naturally goes for the old dark skinned, slim and petite character build that she uses but with a couple tweaks.

She chooses an afro hairstyle as opposed to the old ponytail and has her character dress in the standard red robes of a mage with the staff and some added armor.

After skimming through the tutorial levels and the begins proper gameplay in Level 4, she begins to relax since her past experience from the American server came in handy, enabling her to easily level up. Once she hit level 10, she began to play ranked again.

When she played on the American server, she ended up as Gold IV.

After a couple games in, she ended up as a Bronze I ranked player. Once she was done for the day, she shuts down her laptop and goes back to her room to take a good nap with a huge smile on her face.

Little did she know that her journey has just begun.

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