Young Blood

Chapter 1
My name is eric armstrong,right now i’m in difficult times,but as they say trouble has its roots. Here are my roots.
*5 years ago*
i was 18 and in my final year class.i was an average student,but i wasn’t dumb either.i was always the kid who sat at the back of the class with the cool kids,always trying to be like them.
but one day it all changed.
The day kicked off with a thunderous morning, there was heauy down pour the night before and it seemed the clouds weren’t ready to stop.nonetheless i had to be at school before 8:00 in the morning.
so i jumped out of bed and headed for the shower.breakfast was next after bathing and granny had served my favourite,fried eggs with cinnamon toast.i lived with my granny after my parents died in a car accident,besides my granny was lonely living alone,after granpa divorced her,yup you heard me ‘DIVORCED’.Anywayr the meal was scrumptious,but i couldn’t savor the taste,for i had to run to school. after bading granny goodbye,i hopped on my bicycle & rode to school

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  1. SlimJerry (@SlimJerry)

    am i a good writer? this is my first time

    1. kaypols (@kaypols)

      keep it up
      practice makes perfect

  2. Agabs1234 (@Agabs1234)

    Wow.. Still reading though. is my profile

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