Your sobs are like thunderstorms
Ripping the fabric of the skies…
They left your spirit broken
While taking away the pride
That you guarded so firmly
Against vile devilish men
Now your body lies here broken
Just like your spirit too

No…No words need be spoken
because I can feel the pain
Of a spirit that’s been broken
Of rejection and the stigma…
From those who ought to console

The agony you went through
While they took their turn
expelling vile seed
Into your untainted soil
No… no words need be spoken
None can express your pain

No one listened to your pleas
Your wails echoed in the silence
Of the vast uncaring cosmos
Yet now they offer false comfort
And Quote from the scriptures
‘He who keeps you never slumbers’
But where was He, you wonder
When your dignity was stolen
By those you once called brothers

But hang not your head in shame
Drown not your sorrows in tears
For yours is not the blame
Forget the mockery and jeers
True healing comes from within
Like a phoenix risen from the ashes
start afresh unbroken and
Let a new dawn begin!

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