The Rise and Fall

The Rise and Fall

The war just begun when the battle was over.
At odd and unpredictable times we cling to fear,
Hoping to be fair, but being fair doesn’t mean being equal.
Being honest in victory and subtle in defeat.

To live below the dignity of our nature, but rise above our imperfections.
Man can learn nothing except by going from the known to unknown.
Fearful of sentimentality, I disown my tears and take charge of my emotions.
So that the best reconciliation with my journey would be the worst divorce with my doubts.

It only takes one misstep to fall, but endless steps to rise above despair.
One step at a time, tick tock, the clock swings back and forth.
These feelings are getting harder for me to hide
Like a wolf in sheep clothing
Becoming a survivor in times when the machines will rise and humans will fall.

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