Deacon Niran Adebowale Exonerates Brother, Blasts Conspirators.

Deacon Niran Adebowale Exonerates Brother, Blasts Conspirators.


A lot has been written on Facebook/Twitter, a couple of weeks ago to disparage the person of Dr. Bayo Adebowale, smearing him with the unsavoury allegation of raping five daughters and aborting pregnancies for each one of them on three consecutive occasions. I am Deacon Niran Adebowale, a junior brother to DR. BAYO ADEBOWALE, writing the world now on behalf of the family, to say that this character assassination move is the handiwork of blackmailers and grand conspirators.

My brother, who mentored me from primary to tertiary education level, is a decent, morally upright man; highly focused and disciplined. He has sacrificed a lot to train all of us , inculcating in us probity and uprightness. I am a living witness to how he struggled to bring up all his children. The children are all graduates of tertiary institutions. He loves them all and protects them from harm; never can move near having carnal knowledge of them. Let me unequivocally say here that the great Adebowale Family will not fold its arms and watch this shameless blackmailers go scot free with this. I hear that this is how the internet dirty vultures scramble to consume the flesh of innocent people, with the assistance of notorious bloggers and online news media.

We hear that on BAYO ADEBOWALE’S matter they are already in disarray: either retracting their wicked postings, or apologizing, or even fleeing to London, New York and what one of them now calls “Amsterdam on my mind”, to avoid the long arms of the law: Sahara Reporters; Linda Ikeji Blog, Femi Gorman, Ekundayo Awe, Mercy Makinwa and the rest members of their cohorts.

I can assure them that law and justice are universal. They will be caught wherever they are hibernating. And what is more, Almighty God, the Omnipresent, the Omniscience and the Omnipotent, is waiting to deal heavy blows on them for this unpardonable sin they have committed against my innocent and peace loving brother, DR. BAYO ADEBOWALE.

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