There Was A Country

There was a country There was hope It was a new leaf A new dawn. Finally The children’s future were bright. And brothers envisaged posterity. Well, why wouldn’t it be? Liberty, after calamity would only birth prosperity. Alas! That vision wouldn’t become history. For verily, As the ghouls were cast out. Demons arose! Greedy, callous … Continue reading There Was A Country



Nigeria a land of promises, a land of golds and diamonds, a land where being successful means being wealthy, a land where being successful have many pals and families Nigeria a land of talents, a land of opportunities, a land for the rich, a land for the strong.  Welcome to the land of hustle.  

Not So Long A Letter (the movie)

An interview By Darlington Chukwunyere Chima Igbokwe was keen to talk about his nine year old movie project “Not So Long a Letter”. Not so long a Letter is a movie written, designed and directed by Chima Igbokwe. This “baby” took him a whooping nine years to nurse, and from the look of things, Not … Continue reading Not So Long A Letter (the movie)