I Fasted Today

I Fasted Today

The rain fell heavily today, the crops were washed away,
There was no harvest today.
The little stock we had yesterday is not here today.

The visible cracks on my lips as I struggle to swallow my saliva,
Emaciating from the scorching sun as a result of dehydration,
Because there is no food on the plantation.

The sores on my feet as a result of trekking so many miles to the farm,
Only to be abducted by the herdsmen,
Who were looking for food for their cattle to eat?

I fasted today so that the rain would fall again,
So there will be no reason to complain,
About the days when we despised the storm and the rain that came with it.


One thought on “I Fasted Today” by Akuha (@MrAk91)

  1. This poem leads the reader to quest for why?
    Why the fast? Elements of suspense and proper story telling can be seen. Beautiful write up. Keep writing.

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