Before You Take That Life

Remember those who were there for you

Remember while you have hold on for long

Remember your love ones

Remember your friend

Remember you got God and you are never alone


That no matter what you may be going through

Someone who got your back is there

Watching and looking at you always

Reach out in your deepest moment

Before you take that life


Remember you got someone to talk

You only owe someone explanation ‘God’

Never think for a moment that you are alone

God got your back even when the world refuses to see

Even when you are alone out there someone is close by watching

You from a distance


There is always a friend to talk

Speak out never die in silence

Reach out there is a friend who can help

Remember a problem shared is half solve

Then why bottling it all up inside you


Before you take that life

Before you choose that path

Before you even concede the thought of it

Before you hang up on life please make a call to speak

Before you take that life


When depression come disperse the thought

Feel like a diamond going through the fire

For the fire will refine you to your purity stage

Never allow anyone frustrate you

Speak to someone today don’t yield the call to depression and frustration

#Depression #Frustration #Suicide

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