Tunes of Life

As the car wheels rotates, so does life rotates with mistries untold for the blind in heart to cortail.
As the horns of the car pave way, so does life carries the message of the world beyond in it’s passing wind.
As the fluid flows through, so does our veins carry the rumors of life grafted in an adventure of reality.
We strive to be better than the man next door, yet are we filled with grafted want of emptiness after life.
Everyday we meet many junctions to turn our wheels, yet the attitude to make a right steer and turn is hidden in our muse of envy.
Why do we live if we live to die? is a question for life, yet life has no answer to this Mistry, for the king has thrown it’s knowledge to the air for the birds of same feathers to feast and make Merry.
We are covered, yet we walk like chicks under the attacks of the eagle claws, for it is the sarcasm of truth to tell the dead about the events of the present.
Time and Tide moves faster than season, follow your instincts for it shall guide your anguished heart to a better side of life.

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