Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call

Looking at the sun, it gives me an array of endless suffering of the charcoal in a burning flame. Creativity is a reality of fallacy, yet it is the most prominent activity of life’s natural existence.
My potrate is my lifestyle, and adventure is my attitude.
The jungle is set for the fittest, yet the tortoise won the prize at a cost of pretense.
Look before you leap, lest you fall with a gravity undisclosed to mankind’s attitude of mockery.
We call those living in obscurity poor, yet we price till the last drop of our sweat before we buy at trade by barter.
What an irony life has bestowed in our grievious hearts of mischief and frustration to slay like Kings and Queens, yet lack the commandment of great importance.
Tell me it’s better, and I’ll tell you why you need more than being better, for Excellency is a top priority of the wise, for the clueless activities are made to pioneer our aces.
Looking at the sea waves, gives me an array of the turbulent truth of no profitability, for the flaws of yesterday is now our bedrock of life’s torture to humanity in disguise.
Peacefulness is a craving of the soul at the expense of neglect and envy for the man next door…
We ponder for the inferior and shackles of bondage have eaten deep into our attitude like the locust on a fresh dietable leaf of nurishment…
Many are called, few are chosen, yet the chosen few came out from many. Have a rethink, for life is a Mistry unleashed to mankind’s ignorance.
Wake Up, Get Up, be Effective and be Efficient!!!…

One thought on “Wake Up Call” by Edward Benedict A (@bencazyed)

  1. femimicky (@femimicky)

    this is beautiful
    do endeavor to arrange your stanzas well when writing

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